Legends in the Making!

Cr.02.05: That evening Alyxx reflected on what had taken place during that day as she wrote up her logs, relaxing in her quarters, rather than in her Ready Room. The three groups in the Mess Hall noisy altercation, had not been able to come up with a sensible spokesperson for each group, or even why and what they had been noisily been disputing about with the others. Thus she ordered that they all be put on report and return to quarters to cool off. She, Whyte and Ayala had worked out who had been in each group, what their normal field of operations was within the ship and reworked the whole duty rotas, so there weren’t any further clashes during normal duty shifts. It had been a nightmare and a headache – “Crash course in crew dynamics,” Whyte had called it – but they had managed it just, so that the participants of each group were not on duty at the same time as others from a different group. Both males said they’d keep an eye on things and if need be rework the duty rotas again, until they returned to their proper time and place.

=/\= Hoon to Darkka =/\=

“Yes Suiag!” Alyxx acknowledged quietly having picked up something of personal disquiet in the male Gorn’s tone.

“I need to speak with you urgently!”

“I’ll be with you in two minutes, Suiag. Darkka out.” Closing the channel, her log book and tightening the cord on her nightgown robe; she left her quarters for the medical deck and CMO’s private quarters.

Alyxx ignored for the most part the puzzled looks as she passed the Gamma shift crew, especially as she was in only her personal nightwear, her long dark hair cascading loosely down around her shoulders and back. Self consciously she twisted it into a loose ponytail pulled over one shoulder as she arrived at Hoon’s personal abode and rang the chime. The door opened suddenly and a scaly hand and arm shot out and roughly pulled her inside.

“Suiag!?” her tone alarmed, the door hissing shut behind them.

“S..sorry!” he muttered letting go of her. His well being and demeanour worried her more than his actions. 

“Like to tell me what is going on?” she gently asked, watching him pace in the warm dry quarters. Having lived with Hoon in the past she wasn’t put off by his non-regulation standard Starfleet styled quarters or the dry warm air within.

“I believe we are meant to be here,” he said, carefully stressing each word so he didn’t hiss so much, not looking at her as he paced, his tail barely missing her each time he turned.

“Suiag,” her tone firm. “Let’s sit,” she added, taking the only human styled chair, whilst he sat on a tall stool. “Now start at the beginning and take your time.”

“It’s the configuration of the local star patterns that helped me to remember,” he began.


Captain’s Ready Room:

The last male to arrive, sleepily rubbing his eyes, entered and took in the other three occupants of the semi-darkened room.

“Sorry to call you all here at this early hour,” apologised the only female present, still attired in her personal sleepwear with a heavier robe than the one she’d had on when visiting Hoon; hair loosely tied into a thick plait. “Hoon called me a little while ago and related a little known legend among his clan. It’s not known by all Gorn, only his clan’s family,” she said firmly to stall any questions.

“It concerns us, here and now? Doesn’t it?”

“Yes, Chakotay, it does,” she sighed, pausing to let that sink in. “The third symbol is Trill and although the language is ancient it is still known and used by some families on Trill, including my own; As Hoon reminded me.”

“We’re part of the Hur’q?”

“In a manner of speaking – yes we are – but not totally, and only at this moment in time.”

“Alyxx, why did you call us here?” Chakotay asked his tone, stalling Charles from making any additional comments. “You must have something specific in mind or otherwise you’d have called a normal staff meeting and shared this legend.”

Darkka said nothing for a moment, silently looking at these three males before her. Then she spoke to the computer in a language none of the males understood.

#Acknowledged# was the computer’s only verbal response, but they all heard the privacy lock engage.

“Please have a seat gentlemen,” indicating the viewport seating, quietly they did so, whilst she stayed in front of her desk. “What details are discussed here, should not go beyond this room, understood.” All three nodded acceptance. “I’m not going to relate all, if any of the details of this legend, right now because it is sketchy at best; only to say that until it has happened for us, we could very well be stuck here,” leaning back against her desk surveying the men seated before her. “We’ll have to play this by ear, seat of one’s pants type of scenario,” she added quietly, not really liking that thought, but it fitted their current situation. Taking a deep breath she spoke her orders. “Therefore, Charles, I would like you to wear your white dress uniform from now on. Please hear me out,” holding up a hand to stall him. 

The cultured male nodded silently, closing his lips into a tight line as he was not looking forward to wearing that uniform. It was bad enough to wear for official events, but his whole duty shifts! He caught a glimpse of her understanding smile, before she turned to her second-in-command. “Ayala you should wear something more military in style and thus befitting your current role as security chief. Use Earth’s historical database, I’m sure you’ll find something fitting, both in time, era and style.” The dark haired male nodded silently, whilst the female seemed to gather herself, turning to face the other Hispanic male. “You Chakotay should wear the Starfleet uniform you wore on Voyager and take command of this vessel as Captain.”

Both he and Whyte questioned her order/command, both speaking at once.

“Gentlemen, please,” her tone quelling any further sound from them. “You must remember when we are, not where!” she quietly and firmly reminded them. “Charles, I have nothing but the deepest respect for your abilities and I know you can command this vessel; but at this time, you must keep to your role as XO. It is very important,” she breathed relieved when his expression told her he’d backed down. “Also, we will only be using ranks, not names, when we communicate with each other face to face and across the ship. So, I expect all heads of departments to be briefed about this. Understood?” All three nodded assent.

“What role will you take, Ma’am?”

“I’ll work with Marks and Ma’am will be my title/rank,” she said in answer to Ayala.

“Alyxx, why?” questioned Chakotay.

“I’m a woman and in this time; although women are given important roles, they are not expected to be in charge of a warship.”

“We’re not a warship,” Whyte muttered softly, making Alyxx smile quietly.

“Can you tell us more about this legend?” holding her gaze.

“Not really. Hoon could only give me the bare bones and then only the main characters. We’ll have to play this as things happen,” she softly moved to stand in front of the Amerindian’s seated form and placed her hands on his broad shoulders. “You and Ayala are both used to thinking on your feet with minimal data and reacting to the situation you find yourselves in. You’ve both proven that in the Maquis, but especially on Voyager in the Delta Quadrant. I have every faith in you – my friend – that you can do it here and now,” her green eyes locking with his brown ones. 

Ayala and Whyte quietly looked at each other, wondering what next, yet they both heard the soft sigh from the third male. Her hands felt his shoulders move beneath them with that sigh; she smiled and spoke a few gentle words that he alone understood.

“Yes, Ma’am,” grinning at her.

Alyxx’ hands moved to her hips. “Charles this is still a Starfleet vessel and will be expected to run like one, with the added note no names, just rank or title. I’ll transfer my command codes to Chakotay along with the rank just before Alpha Shift starts. Thus I suggest you get some breakfast, brief all department heads with the new orders and change uniforms. Dismissed,” she ordered her tone all business. With that final word, the lights came up to normal levels and the privacy lock disengaged, thus Whyte and Ayala left.

Chakotay stood and took her hands in his. “You’re not liking this anymore than I am, are you?” he noted softly.

“You know me too well,” she admitted. She quietly transferred her command codes, along with setting his new rank; and then had him assign her new role along with her secondary codes.


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