U.S.S. Carenza

Welcome to the Merian Class USS Carenza NCC 81939. She is the first ship to carry this unusual name. Named after the well known British archaeologist Carenza Lewis, of the late twentieth and twenty-first century. As a sciences/surveyor/explorer designed vessel this was deemed an appropriate name, plus the fact that the name means – loving.

The class Merian was developed and put into service during the 2370’s. Three of the vessels were assigned to ‘Project Full Circle’ and fitted with quantum slipstream drives in 2381. All three vessels are currently listed as destroyed.

USS Carenza is assigned to the Chozo Expedition and the Reach and fitted with the latest jump gate technology rather than the quantum slipstream drives of her sister ships.

USS Merian NX (number unknown) developed in 2375/6

USS Curie NCC 81890 Commanded by Capt. Xin Chan listed destroyed 2381

USS Hawking NCC 81897 Commanded by Capt. Bal Itak listed destroyed 2381

USS Planck NCC 81894 Commanded by Capt. Hosc T’Mar listed destroyed 2381

USS Carenza NCC 81939 Commanded by Capt. Alyxx Darkka assigned to The Reach 2393

Image from: https://memory-beta.fandom.com/wiki/Merian_class

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