Hur’q – Who?

Cr:02.04: Alyxx Darkka sat at the head of the conference table awaiting her senior staff to join her, having called this meeting for reports to be bought here an hour earlier, Lt. Dyani’s revelations still playing on her mind. Her own research was still leaving her unsettled, recalling what she and her friend – Chakotay had discovered. He was the first to arrive and sat down the table from her to her right. She smiled as he’d hesitated at what had once been his usual seat at Voyager’s conference table. Tatiana came next, representing Medical as Hoon was still very rattled.
“He sends his apologies, Captain,” the Albino woman said, taking a seat opposite Chakotay.
“Thank you, Lieutenant,” she acknowledged. Gar’tan arrived next from engineering, with the Security Chief close behind. The Marks’ couple followed soon after. Alyxx frowned at them, and then Talbot spoke.
“Dyani is still doing some extra research, so Susan is her spokes person, Captain,” taking a seat beside his wife. She nodded, if not a little perplexed as to why her staff appeared to be reluctant to come to this meeting – or so it seemed to her. Chakotay gave her a reassuring smile. The last to arrive was her XO along with her chief pilot – Mariah Henley, who joined her former commander.
“We’ve moved the ship into the sensor shadow of the Kylata star, Captain,” the former Maquis informed her politely.
“The marker buoys we’ve deployed will warn us of any approaching ships or other dangers; as we are rather sitting blind here,” noted Whyte carefully, taking his seat beside her. “Lt. Rhodri is in charge of the Bridge,” he added.
“Noted, Commander. Better than sitting out in the open, and in plain sight of any hostiles in this area. An area they are familiar with, whereas we are not,” she stated matter-of-factly. “Your thoughts people.”

At first no-one said anything, as if uneasy about being the first to break the silence that had settled around them, each gazing at her and each other. Chakotay felt himself smile quietly and then cock his head at her.
“You have something to say, mister?” she asked, her expression teasing.
“Well, I just was wondering if we’d made a note of where we were, before we found ourselves here.”
“It’ll be in the ship’s logs and navigation system,” said Henley puzzled, wondering where his line of thought was going.
“Will it?” was his mild response.
“What are you getting at, Professor?” asked Whyte before Alyxx could make a comment, making her smirk at the Amerindian.
“I get the impression that our being where we were at a specific set of co-ordinates might have a direct bearing on why and how we are when we are,” he noted cryptically.
“You do have a point there, Chakotay,” her mild verbal response halting any angry questioning, her own expression thoughtful. “How many telepaths do we have on board, apart from the empathic Deltans?” she asked.
“Let’s see,” checking the main crew roster via a PADD. “Three senior staff, two children and two junior crew,” said Whyte carefully. “Mainly Vulcan’s.”
“There are at least three hybrids also,” noted Ayala, having done a quick mental check of those crew in his department.
“That’s a possible twelve if we include the Deltans,” she said thoughtfully.
“Captain?” questioned her Chief Engineer, who’d been strangely quiet up to now.
“There are two hybrid Betazoids in my department and both experienced something strange during that screeching noise,” he said carefully as if testing out his words and thoughts.
“Like what?” snapped Henley crossly, ignoring Chakotay’s attempts to calm her.
“I’m not sure, as they wouldn’t say, but I could tell it upset them both considerably,” he paused and took a deep breath. “Even I felt something a deep sense of……” his eyes turning to Chakotay and then Alyxx his demeanour unsure and confused.
“Loss, anger,” she said quietly, her hand smoothing over where her symbiont – Darkka – had once resided within her. The Cardassian/Bajoran male just nodded sadly. “Tatiana, the medical staff will need to do a full medical evaluation of all those crew members that have telepathic/empathic heritage, but especially those of duel/mixed races,” she ordered.
“Acknowledged, Captain,” she responded with a crisp smart tone.
“Will Hoon be on active duty?” Chakotay asked softly.
“Negative. He feels unable to perform his duties properly at this time,” Tatti said.
“Why not?” demanded Whyte.
“He says it has to do with his kind’s historical past. A past that isn’t so distant right now.” Her words had a sobering effect on all present, that Darkka suggested they all did some investigating into every races’ past history for their current star-date.
“We need to know what we’re up against. Not just outside the ship, but within it as well,” she said. “Dismissed.”


Alyxx Darkka walked the main decks, her thoughts as loose flowing as her pace of stride, as to their current situation. All of her Vulcan personnel, both true and hybrid had reported to Sickbay and had been given a full medical evaluation, plus a psychological test, as well as recording their thoughts on what had happened prior to the Carenza finding themselves in the year 1393, instead of 2393. She’d even recorded her own thoughts and feelings after her full medical. Hoon had made a brief appearance in his office, but primarily he was keeping himself absconded in his adapted quarters. Cmdr. Whyte didn’t care for that situation, but as Alyxx reminded Charles, it was the CMO’s personal choice and they did have the latest Mark IV EMH if necessary. She could understand both officers point of view in the matter, yet as Hoon pointedly reminded the XO the safety of the crew was paramount not the expertise of the CMO. Alyxx smiled to herself as she traversed the science decks, recalling that if Suiag could have he would have slammed his door in Charles’s face, and from the look on her XO’s cultured features it was clear that was what the Chief Medic had done.
She glanced at the PADD she carried with all her research and the data about Meridian, that was encountered for the first time by the Defiant from DS9 in 2371 – 22 years ago, thus the planet was scheduled to reappear in 2431 and due to scans from the Defiant they knew their planet would remain in a more stable position for longer this time. She realised looking at the dates that Meridian could possibly appear soon in this time. It would be interesting to find out how the planet was first populated or even if the Hur’q were responsible for its future instability.
“It may be worth looking into whilst we’re here,” she reasoned softly to herself as she entered the nearest turbo-lift. “Deck two, Mess Hall,” she ordered, having noted the time. Alyxx had advised all senior staff to meet for a working lunch to discuss their options and their further research.


The gaggle of noise that greeted her as she stepped in through the double doors and into the Mess area was a sharp contrast to the working calm quiet of the rest of the ship. At first she thought it was just the normal dinner banter, but as she stood there and watched it was becoming increasingly clear that there was a verbal war of words and emotions taking place with three distinct groups emerging from the seeming gaggle of sound.
“What started all this off?” she wondered out loud, not that anyone heard her or paid her any notice. She hit her com.-badge. “Captain to Whyte, Ayala and Professor. Your presence is required at my location. Pronto! To Department Heads lunch cancelled. Darkka out,” she said, whilst continuing to watch and listen to the growing angry war of words within the area.
Soon two males in the form of Ayala and Whyte arrived at one door, whilst Chakotay stood beside her at the other. She quietly motioned for her exec and chief to remain where they were, thus they both stood at parade rest in front of the doors; she meanwhile moved to the galley and commandeered an empty copper pan and wooden spoon and used the items as a Gong to get the noise level to subside. Slowly at first the crew noted who was making the cacophony of noise and became quiet. Darkka eyed them silently for a moment, and then handed her improvised Gong back to Chell before moving back to stand with Chakotay at the doors.
“That’s better,” her voice devoid of its usual warmth, making some squirm somewhat; it was clear there were three marked groups present across the area, as her green eyes swept over them all.
“I expect all my officers and crew to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner; not start world war four with a wall of angry words as weapons,” she commented, noting some still had the sense to look ashamed, yet most were arrogant. “Since there appears to be a set of distinct groups in this matter each with their own agenda – perhaps,” pausing to let her observation sink in as the crew looked round at each other and the wide gaps between the three groups. “I suggest each groups selects an appropriate spokes person and we’ll take it from there. Quietly!” she added raising her own voice as the chatter started to rise again.
“Alyxx?” her companion questioned quietly and obviously not just for his own benefit.
“I don’t know, yet.”
“Fair enough,” taking his cues from her, as were Whyte and Ayala over the other side of the Mess.
“Pure telepaths, hybrid, and pure breeds” she noted quietly, whilst they waited for the outcome of the heated discussion going on before them.
“Iconian, Chozo and Trill – Hur’q!” he added softly.


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