The Expedition

Welcome to the Star Trek-based storyblog: The Chozo Expeditionary Force!

It is the year 2393. In the distant Nerey’N system, on the border between the Gamma and Delta quadrant, about halfway from the Galactic core to the Outer rim, a small group of Starfleet vessels and one space station is on a bold mission to retrieve and restore technology and lore that once belonged to the ancient race of the Chozo.

Securing the Chozo legacy is one of Starfleet’s minor objectives but nonetheless a very important one. Their once massive knowledge of the Galaxy and technology can be put to Starfleet’s advantage and perhaps even more important, it must be kept out of the hands of potential threats.

This site follows the stories of several of these crews: Rivendell Station, U.S.S. Callisto and U.S.S. Carenza.

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