Nerey’N System

General Information

The Nerey’N system is a solar system that is located in the Gamma Quadrant. It is contains a single star with 6 planets revolving around it of which none are inhabited by advance forms of life.

The system can be found approximately 1320 lightyears beyond the current boundary of Federation exploration initiatives in the Gamma Quadrant. The system lies approximately 120 lightyears away from the border between the Gamma and Delta Quadrant. The system can be found roughly 300 lightyears ‘south east’ from the Trialus and Kylata system, about halfway in between the galaxy core and the outer rim.
The planetary system contains 6 planets of which 2 are gass giants. Nerey’N II, III and IV are located within the planet’s ecosphere region. None are directly in the system’s habitable zone. Due to their atmospheric content, extreme meteorological conditions are tempered, allowing life on Nerey’N II and III.


The Nerey’N star is a type B, blue giant star with an approximated age of 8 billion years old. The star was named by a Bajoran stellar cartographer who named the star after a deep water dwelling, bio-illuminating species of fish. It’s diameter is approximately 6 times bigger than that of Sol and it puts out about twenty times more energy than Sol does.


Nerey’N I

H Class
Diameter: 10.500 km
Rotation speed: 6.33 days
Solar Orbit Elapse: 184.36 days
Atmosphere: Argon (80%) / Fluorine (15%) / Oxygen (5%)
Habitable: no
Color/hue: Brown/grey
Moons: 1 (unnamed)

Remarks: The planet has quite a large diameter for an inner planet. It’s rocky crust is several thousands kilometers thick. The core is relatively cold and contains large amounts of silver.

Nerey’N II

L Class
Diameter: 14.000 km
Rotation speed: 33 days
Solar Orbit Elapse: 256 days
Atmosphere: Argon (67%) / Oxygen (19%) / Carbondioxide (14%)
Habitable: yes, plant life only
Color/hue: Blue/green
Moons: 3 (inner to outer: Odan, Barash, Neekor)
Ocean/land ratio: (50%:50%)

Remarks: High Argon concentration has a cooling effect as well as cool ocean currents. The planet is located within the star’s ecosphere. The planet can be colonized, as well as Barash (L-class) and Neekor (M-class). Chozo architecture is present on the surface. The planet and moons largely remain unexplored.

Nerey’N III

O Class (Pelagic)
Diameter: 9.700 km
Rotation speed: 29 hrs
Solar Orbit Elapse: 397 days
Atmosphere: Nitrogen (82%) / Oxygen (17%) / Carbondioxide (1%)
Habitable: yes, plant life and lower animal life
Color/hue: Blue/green
Moons: 2 (inner to outer: Tallulah, Navaho)
Ocean/land ratio: (85%:15%)

Remarks: Typical pelagic planet. Most animal life located in oceans. Landmasses are concentrated around the equator as large continent-size islands. The relatively low oxygen levels in the atmosphere prevent large species of animal to evolve. High CO2 levels induce a global tropical climate with very high levels of humidity. Rivendell Station is in high orbit of this planet, approximately 2300 kilometers away from the surface.

Nerey’N IV

G Class
Diameter: 17.000 km
Rotation speed: 1.608 days
Solar Orbit Elapse: 712 days
Atmosphere: Carbondioxide (66%) / Carbonmono-oxide (15%) / Chlorine (11%) / Fluorine (8%)
Habitable: no
Color/hue: white
Moons: 6 (all unnamed, none have atmospheres)

Remarks: Atmosphere is very toxic to humanoid physiology. The planet surface is in the process of crystallization. Outer planet core might be an abundant source of dilithium.

Nerey’N V

J Class gas giant
Diameter: 107.200 km
Rotation speed: 34 hrs
Solar Orbit Elapse: 9832 days
Atmosphere: Hydrogen (80%) / Deuterium (12%) / Xenon (8%)
Habitable: no
Color/hue: yellow/orange
Moons: 65 (the fourth moon is M-class. None of them have been named so far)

Remarks: Large gas giant planet of little interest, other than the high concentrations of deuterium in its atmosphere. Hence the atmosphere can be used to refuel starship’s impulse engines. Large surface storms present. Fourth moon can be colonized if needed.

Nerey’N VI

J6 Class gas giant
Diameter: 126.000 km
Rotation speed: 908 days
Solar Orbit Elapse: 19877 days
Atmosphere: Hydrogen (74%) / Nitrogen (24%) / Sulfurdioxide (2%)
Habitable: no
Color/hue: green/turquoise
Moons: 7 (none are of interest)

Remarks: Another large gas giant of little interest. Distance to the star is twice the distance from Nerey’N V to the star. In between Nerey’N V and VI a large asteroid belt is located.