Cr:01.01 – The sight of the Chozo station of Rivendell filling the main view screen of the newly commissioned Merian class vessel was a welcome sight to the ships recently promoted C.O, as she sat in the command chair, whilst her crew worked around her. The vessel cruised in on impulse power to her designated docking port at the alien station.
The Chief Flight Controller watched as the young Ensign worked in tandem with Op’s to bring the new ship into her new home port in one piece. She shared a grin of satisfaction with her 2nd officer as the two males completed the docking procedure successfully. Both he and the chief pilot confirmed that all was secure.
“Thank you, Lt. Cmdr & Lt. Henley;” she acknowledged getting to her feet. She sighed looking at the one seat that was notably empty; it was the one she used to occupy.
“Good to be home, Ma’am?” the Security Chief asked, joining her in the command area.
“Yes it is, very good, Ayala,” smiling as she turned to him and then grinned. “You know the drill?!” a teasing note in her tone of voice.
“Aye, Captain,” he responded and became all business, giving orders to the crew, whilst she left the bridge.


Alyxx sighed as she entered the station via the main docking port from her ship feeling as if she’d really come home at last. Although she loved the planet of her birth – Trillus Prime – it was here on Rivendell that she felt welcomed and content – home.
She recalled briefly the last 8mths that she’d spent in Federation space/The Alpha Quadrant, a place that felt as alien as the station should have been. Some of those months were spent with her father, visiting old haunts and the symbiont pools to aid her recovery from post traumatic stress syndrome, due to re-occurring nightmares about Caiwes II; feelings of unease and restlessness had continued to assail her whilst still in the Alpha Quadrant, yet the nightmares did diminish, thankfully.
When a place came up on the Command Track program she decided to take it and passed with moderate success, thus she was offered a choice of vessels to command but they were all based in the Alpha Quadrant and close to Earth, where she felt she no longer belonged.
Her father as assistant Ambassador to Earth had reminded Starfleet High Command and the Federation Council of Trill’s staunch support, now and in the past, if they wanted their continued support, maybe they should consider Captain Darkka’s requests with an open mind and hand. It was only after that passionate plea and that of another Starfleet Captain, that she was given virtually a free hand as to the type of ship, how it was to be kitted out, her field of operations and her crew. There had only been one vital sticking point however, which pained her especially as she caught sight of the man in question looking out of the main observation port at her new command.
“What do you think?” she asked softly, coming up beside him.
“Beautiful,” he responded wistfully.
“That bad?!” she teased gently, sensing something of his unease.
“No, Alyxx,” turning to smile at her and give her a welcoming hug.
“That’s better,” having returning the hug and stood with him arms about each other as they gazed out on the new Merian Class vessel. “Like to take a closer look?” she invited.
“Shouldn’t you be reporting in to the Admiral?”
“He can wait,” she said off handily.
“Alyxx!” he cautioned.
“He might be my superior officer, Chakotay, but he can still wait;” feeling defiant; “Besides he’s caught up in another important meeting just now. So we’ve time,” she said, gently pulling him with her to the main docking port. “And you know how much I don’t stand on strict adherence to protocols.”
He laughed commenting. “Command training didn’t knock that out of you then!” Alyxx Darkka just grinned and handed him a new com-badge.
“Don’t want you tripping off the intruder alert!”

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