Old New Faces

Cr:01.02 – # Attention Intruder Alert Attention # the computer blared throughout the entire deck as the pair stepped out of the arboretum.
“Not me!” her companion indicated, holding his hands up in mock surrender.
“Computer; identify location of intruder?”
#Deck 8 Main Engineering#
“Darkka to Security meet me in Engineering.”
=/\= Acknowledged Captain =/\=
Alyxx’ companion was startled by the voice that had responded, yet he joined her in the turbo-lift to take them to deck 8.


What they encountered as they exited the turbo-lift was a Starfleet crew surrounding a single Cardassian male and what appeared to be all his belongings and personal effects scattered on the floor around him. The Security Chief joined the pair as Darkka’s voice suddenly cut across the scene.
“Just what do you think you are doing, Crewman?” directing her scathing comment to one of the junior ranked staff rather than the alien male. The young man shifted a little but didn’t drop his attack stance.
“You know my policy about phaser weapons on deck when this vessel is not at Red Alert, Crewman,” her voice conveying her displeasure at this blatant defiance of her authority. Now the male did waver the weapon he held no longer pointing at the Cardassian. No-one moved or breathed.
“Crewman, you will return that item to its proper and correct place and then you will report to the Duty Brig Officer; Now Crewman,” she ordered her voice still hard. The young male finally dropped his stance, deactivated the phaser and mutely left the deck.
“You two,” pointing to two commissioned staff. “Will pick up those personal effects and deposit them in your CEO’s quarters.”
“Captain?” asked one of the engineers closest to the scattered belongings and one she’d earlier pointed out.
“Are you questioning my orders, Ensign?”
“No Ma’am,” the engineer responded meekly, thus he and his companion started to gather up the scattered effects.
“Lieutenant. You had better come with me,” finally directing her words to the Cardassian male, her voice losing some of its hard edge. “The rest of you can get back to work,” she added as she and the three males left the open deck area of main engineering.

Alyxx visibly calmed herself once they were out of sight and earshot of the main crew. “I thought you were to restore your true heritage before coming on board, Lieutenant.”
“I was, but when my former Captain discovered my said true heritage, well….” shrugging, leaving the two human males puzzled.
“Said Captain couldn’t get you off his ship fast enough!” she finished the thought for him.
“Something like that, Ma’am,” he grinned.
“Hmm, seems I’ll have to have words with said Captain of the CDS Lakat,” she commented and then made a pointed suggestion. “Lieutenant, why don’t you introduce yourself to Professor Chakotay and Lt. Cmdr. Ayala Chief of Security.”
“Yes, Ma’am,” he acknowledged and faced the two silently waiting and wary men. “I’m Gar’tan. Ro-Lanka Gar’tan.”
Ro?! as in Ro Laren?” asked Chakotay surprised.
“Same family clan, yes, Professor. But Laren no.”
Before either former Maquis could ask anything else a call came through from the Brig Officer inquiring as to what to do with the junior engineer who’d presented himself.
“Keep him locked up for an hour, Mr. Sheen. Your Chief will advise you further in due course.”
=/\= Aye, Captain =/\=
“I’ll leave it to your discretion as to how long that hour will be Chief,” she paused a moment, all of them having stopped at a quiet junction in the corridor of deck 8. “In the meantime, why don’t you show your former Boss the science decks.”
“Yes, Ma’am,” Ayala said relaxing.
“You and I, Lt. Ro-Lanka had better pay a visit to see Dr. West at Rivendell’s hospital.”
“I’m sure your on board doctor….” he trailed at the shake of her head.
“There is a possibility that your alterations could be deeper than you envisage, Gar’tan,” her tone sympathetic and compassionate.
“Alyxx?” a voice questioned softly, breaking her silence.
“I’ll catch up with you later, Chakotay,” having obviously come to a decision and gently guided the despondent alien male to the nearest turbo-lift. “And Ayala don’t forget to show him the Aston Labs, she said over her shoulder disappearing into the lift. Ayala grinned and escorted his former boss, commander and friend to the right destination.

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