Lifted from the shoulders

Cl.01.18 – Captain’s Log, 70690,4 – Finally, the end is in sight. After a successful evaluation meeting with the entire delegation, the Admiral and the Commodore, the tour of ‘The Reach’ has come to and end. All members of the delegation were positive about the significance of the work that we do here. The politicians even more than the Starfleet higher ups. If we may believe what President Okeg has said in his closing remarks, we can expect a higher priority when it comes to the assignment of vessels and personnel. Let’s see how much of that actually will be effectuated. Currently we have just jumped back to the Alpha quadrant through the network and we are a few minutes away from handing the delegation over to the ship that has been sent to pick them up and bring them back to sector 001.

Calyssa was reading through the latest digest of tactical operations in ‘The Reach’, enjoying a soothing Oolong blend cup of tea. Now that the mission was about to finish, she could look forward to peacefully running her ship as she saw fit. Comfortably leaning back in her chair, she read through the mission reports her fellow Captains handed in when the chime of her door sounded. “Come in.” she said with a calm voice. The orange tanned Saurian President, wearing his usual grey attire came walking into her office. “Your excellence, what can I do for you?” The President respectfully remained waiting until the ship’s Captain invited him in. “I hope I am not interrupting you, Captain?” He said, his long and bony fingers intertwined, gracefullly resting on his lower abdomen. “Not at all, sir.” Calyssa said. “Please come in and have a seat. Can I get you anything?” With a thin but grateful smile, the highest ranking Federation official declined the officer as he slowly made his way to the chair the Captain had pointed to him. He swiftly took a seat. “I will not take a lot of your time, Captain. I can imagine that you are already preparing for you next mission.” Calyssa smiled while taking a seat behind her desk. “I would like to personally thank you for your time and hospitality. It has been quite the experience to venture off to the distant rims of Federation space. I have learnt a lot and it has given me quite some thinking material. It is obvious that operations like these, however small they might seem in comparison to our greater endeavours, they still are at least as important.” “I am glad to your you say that, your excellence.” Calyssa said. “You have a very impressive vessel and I am sure that you are able to put it to good use.” Calyssa chuckled, hoping that the President was indeed speaking the truth. In time, she would have to prove herself, yet again.

“Captain, we have the other vessel on long range scanners. We expect to make a rendez-vous in 1 hour.” The voice of her feline tactical chief was loud and clear. Okeg smiled. “Then I better prepare. Once again, Captain, I thank you.” He slowly bowed slightly, paying respect to the Captain and her crew and with that over, he left, probably heading back to his quarters to finish packing up. Just after the President left, Calyssa left her office and walked onto her bridge. “Take us out of warp, continue full impulse. Open a channel.” She said, walking to the center of the bridge. Seconds later the holopad projected an image of the starship’s Captain, indicating that the attempt to communicate with the other vessel was successful.

“Captain Data, it is good to see you!” Calyssa smiled. “Likewise, Captain Aelyn. I am able to report that the Enterprise will be at the specified coordinates in less than 10 minutes. We will be waiting.” The android reported. Calyssa briefly scanned the yellow eyes, remembering the reports she had read on his demise several years ago, but somehow after being able to transfer his memory engrams to a prototype Soong-type android, he over the years miraculously made a full recovery to his previous state. “We will be there in less than 15. Prepare for docking procedures.” Calyssa replied. “Acknowledged.” After the confirmation from the illustrious Enterprise CO, he terminated the link. Docking two starship was something that is rarely done because of the sophisticated and safe transporter technology, however, in case of such a high class VIP delegation, standard procedures were to restrict transporter use to an absolute minimum. Instead, they had opted for the old-fashion inter-ship-dock. Though not all classes were compatible for such a procedure, the Azura and refitted Sovereign class were able to do so. “Full stop. Secure inlet and exhaust valves. Prepare thrusters.” While Calyssa seated herself comfortably in her chair, she allowed her first officer to take charge of the procedure. It was a good sight though to see Commander Faulckner back at the helm. As the most senior helm officer aboard the vessel, the responsibility to maneuver the ship in position for a smooth dock would fall to her. “Enterprise reports ready, ma’am.” C’riss reported. ” “Proceed.” Calyssa replied. “Thrusters online and ready.” Commander Faulckner released the manual steering column which she used to gently make the maneuvers that were necessary for a smooth dock. Several minutes later the loud clanking sound of the docking clamps making contact echoed through the ship’s bulkhead. “We have docked, Captain.” Susannah reported.

President Okeg was the last in a row of dignitaries. They were standing in line on deck 7, right in front of the docking ring. One by one the dignitaries were passing by several members of the Callisto senior crew, offering them the chance to thank them one last time. Calyssa, as the ship’s Captain, was the last in the row of Callisto officers, standing closest to the hatch itself. On the other side of the hatch, on the Enterprise, Captain Data was the first in line of a delegation of his senior crew. Before the small transition ceremony, Calyssa was able to shake Data’s hand a share a few words with him. It’s not every day to meet the one and only android in service of Starfleet. President Okeg had reached Captain Aelyn. They again shook hands, one last time “It has been a pleasure, Captain.” Okeg smiled. “The honour was all ours, your excellence. I hope the remainder of your return journey passes agreeably.” With that Okeg stepped through the hatch, shaking the hand of Captain Data. That’s it, Calyssa thought. They are now off my ship. She could nearly literally feel a weight being lifted from her shoulders. From point on, they were now the responsibility of Captain Data and that felt quite alright. The Callisto crew patiently waited until the dignitaries had left the Enterprise deck before closing the hatches and making their departures.

“Captain Aelyn, it has been agreeable to meet you. I hope we meet again.” Captain Data said as soon as his guests were taken to their quarters. “I look forward to it.” She said. They both stepped back, retreating to their own vessels. The hatches were closed and preparations were made for ship separation. “Prepare for separation and afterwards, set course back the gate.” Kobrrei nodded and with those instructions he reported back to the bridge. “Commander Faulckner.” Calyssa asked Susie to join her. “I would like to commend you for a job well done.” She felt that a compliment was in order. Not even one complaint had reached her. “Thank you, Captain. It has been a challenge to cater to their needs but it was fun.” Calyssa smiled. “I hope that you have not forgotten how to get this ship back to Rivendell?” They started walking to the turbolift. “I think that somewhere, in the back of my mind, I might have remembered where to find the station, ma’am!” They stepped in the turbolift, on their way to the bridge.


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