Thousands of lightyears in a second

Cl.01.10 – Captain’s log, supplemental

Thankfully I managed to reduce the alcohol intake during last day’s banquet and subsequent reception. The next day started perhaps a bit too early for my taste, nevertheless, a lot still had to do be done before we can enjoy some well deserved rest. After the morning briefing with my staff, I am happy to report that we were able to check some of the high warp tests in our shake down program. According to Lieutenant Jaura, our engines are doing fine at high warp, whereas the previous U.S.S. Callisto probably had to slow down at this point. According to Commander Faulckner we will be reaching the Chozo gate in less than 5 hours from now.

The usual, Captain?” The blue and grey furred Caitian lounge manager asked the brown haired Bajoran/Human hybrid who had approaced him. The Captain gave him a firm nod and instantly he started to prepare the order she requested of him. “So,┬áit didn’t get very late last night..” He said, putting several slices of bread in a toasting unit. “My head says something different.” Calyssa replied. “You have not drunk that much?” Calyssa shook her head. “My system is protesting against a state of sleep deprivation.” “The doctor should have something for that.” Nhorr walked to the replicator for the usual glass of fresh juice. “I know, First I want our highly esteemed dignitaries off the ship before I treat myself to some shuteye.” “There you go, Captain.” Nhorr handed Calyssa a small plate with three slices of fresh toast, served with some marmelade and small serving of fruit salad. “Looks good as always, Nhorr. How are our guests doing?” She asked her lounge manager since she hasn’t seen them since last night. Nhorr on the other hand was charged with serving the delegation breakfast. “They are doing fine, Captain. I must say that they have a decent appetite.” Calyssa chuckled as she was shoving in her early lunch.

The lounge doors opened and the President came walking in, followed by a security detail comprising of two armed crewmen. President Okeg instructed them to wait at the door. Reluctantly they listened to what the President asked them to do. “Good morning, Captain. I take it that you had quite an peaceful night?” the long and slender official said, approaching the bar where Calyssa was seated. “Is there anything I can get you, mr. President?” The large yellow eyes of the Saurian eyed at the yellow eyes of the Caitian barkeep. “As a matter of fact, I came down for a fresh cup of Darjeeling tea.” “Mr. President, you should have given a call, I would have been happy…” Okeg did not allow Nhorr to finish his sentence. “I know, it is just that I don’t get to spend a lot of time on a starship. Whenever I do, I try go get as much out of the experience as possible. I don’t want to be trapped inside a small office or a VIP lounge.” Calyssa smiled, though she had no experience being a high ranking diplomat with a tight 24 hour schedule, she could well imagine the down sides of having such a life. Suddenly the life of a Starfleet Captain did not seem to be that bad. “There you go, your excellence.” Nhorr handed a cup of piping hot tea to Okeg. A faint smile came as reply.

“Bridge to Captain Aelyn, ma’am we are approaching the coordinates.” The report from the helm officer on duty came through loud and clear. Calyssa got up, finished her juice in a single gulp, wiped her mouth with the napkin that Nhorr provided and tapped her commbadge. “I am on my way.” She said. “Captain…: The long and slender fingers from the President touched her arm gracefully. “If you don’t mind, I like to be present on the bridge for the jump, if you have no objections of course.” Naturally, Calyssa could not think of any so she happily accepted the President’s request. Though still pretty hot, the President managed to empty the tea cup in a single go. With a friendly nod, he thanked the lounge manager for providing it to him.

“Report.” A short turbolift ride later, the two walked onto the bridge. Commander Kobrrei, who had been in charge of the bridge, immediately vacated the white and red command chair. He noticed the guest’s presence and he paused for a minute. “The President is here on my invitation, carry on.” She said loud enough for the bridge crew to hear. She offered Okeg to take a seat on the third command chair on her right side. “We have just gone to impulse. We are two minute away from the gate.” Kobrrei reported. “Prepare the interface.” Calyssa said and instantly several bridge officers started to take the necessary precautions. Lieutenant T’sani needed several seconds for the ship’s power systems to shunt power to the gate interface system while Commander Brenn, the chief of science tapped into the sensor array to check the status of the actual gate itself. “All decks report ready, Captain.” Lieutenant C’riss reported as the ship started to slow down as they were arriving at the gate. “Establish a link.” Calyssa said, getting up from her chair, starting to pace the deck. Four mechanical subunits appeared to decloak several hundreds of kilometers ahead. The subunits started to fire up as soon as the link was established and confirmed. “Link established, identification positive. Awaiting spatial coordinates to establish subspace fold.” T’sani reported as soon as her screen indicated that the gate had positively identified the vessel as being allied. “Enter the Nerey’N gate coordinates.” As soon as the gate confirmed the other end of the fold that was to be created, the gate subunits started to rotate like electrons around an atom core. “Fascinating.” Calyssa was sure that she heard the President say that word. “Subspace fold is forming.” A orange hued anomaly started to form between the swiftly rotating subunits. “Gate reports ready.” T’sani reported. Calyssa walked forward and laid her hand on the helm’s shoulder. “Take is in, thrusters only.” Slowly the ship gained momentum and as soon as the ship made contact with the fold, the ship’s bow appeared to be stretched to almost infinite length. As soon as the entire ship was enveloped, the gate stopped rotating and re-energized its cloaked status.

The gate on the other side was fully functional and spinning wildly when the other end of the fold was forming. The stretched bow of the Callisto instantly returned to its original dimensions and a few seconds later the ship exited the gate as if nothing happened. “Welcome to the Reach, mr. President. You just made a 55,000 lightyear jump.” Calyssa smiled. “Shut down the gate interface and stow them.” Commander Kobrrei took over from the Captain who seated herself again. “Captain, we are being hailed.” C’riss said after her console chirped several times. “It’s our welcoming committee.” Kobrrei said after he joined the young Caitian lieutenant at her station. “On screen.” Calyssa replied. “Welcome to the Reach, President Okeg.” A young Grazerite Commander appeared smiling on the panoramic viewscreen. “I have orders to escort you to Rivendell Station, Captain.” He turned his attention to the Callisto C.O. “Very well. Show the way, Commander.” Seconds later the small Aquarius class U.S.S. Sagitta had jumped to warp. “Pursuit course, Ensign.” Kobrrei ordered and not much later the Callisto followed the Sagitta in high warp. “ETA?” Calyssa wanted to know. “We’ll be arriving at Rivendell in 40 minutes, ma’am.” Calyssa was already looking forward since the delegation would take the time to visit the station, which gave her some time to rest a bit, something she looked forward to.

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