Calyssa Aelyn

General information

Name: Calyssa Aelyn
Gender: female
Species: Human and Bajoran hybrid
Date of Birth: June 14th 2350
Current age: 42
Place of Birth: Lonar province, Bajor

Current Assignment

Assignment: U.S.S. Callisto
Position: Commanding Officer
Rank: Captain
Direct Superior: Vice Admiral Daniel West

Physical Appearance

Length: 172 centimeters
Weight: 61 kilograms
Hair Colour: chocolate brown
Eye Colour: ice blue
Physical description: As a halfbreed of the Human and Bajoran species, she expresses a hybrid phenotype. Though she has the typical nose ridges, Calyssa does not have as many as a pureblooded Bajoran nor are they as prominent as purebloods. Her most Human feature might be her hair as she inherited it from her Terran mother, long, lush and deeply dark brown. As of late she chooses to dress her hair according to Hi’ilad traditions. Captain Axxin has introduced her to his culture and traditions and now that they ‘share a life’ she meticulously braids her hair to match Axxin line. Her eyes on the other hand are a typical Bajoran feature as such clear ice blue eyes is not a phenotypic mark expressed in the human species. According to her Bajoran father, she got her eyes from his grandfather. According to Bajoran Lore, these eyes only express themselves in those who have ‘clarity of the pagh’. She is of average length and a bit on the slender side compared to age/sex related individuals. She spends time maintaining her body, causing it to be moderately to well muscle-toned. An interesting quirk to mention are her fast reflexes. As little girl, she was stimulated to play the Bajoran Jalandri (equivalent of the piano). Ever since she has developed her ability to act swiftly in anticipation. Despite previous experiences in combat, she has not been physically scarred. She does have a mole though, about two centimeters left and down of her belly button. Though not native to Britain, she does speak with a somewhat british english accent which she probably picked up from her mother who was born in Cambridge, England.


Spouse: N/A
Children: none
Father: Aelyn Kastor, Bajoran
Mother: Fiona Lianne Aelyn-Prescott, Human (deceased)
Brother(s): none
Sister(s): none
Other family: none

Personality and traits

General Overview: ‘Calm and wait-and-see’ might be the words that best describe her personality. At first glance Calyssa appears to be seclusive and distant but when first contact has been made her well developed intellect takes dominance. Like the saying: “Still waters run deep”, only when people really get to know Calyssa, she manages to show them her true nature: Dedicated, just and strict. Because of her calm personality she is not the person who would stand out in a crowd. Then again she is not a person that hides away from attention, she only takes her claim to attention when she feels she needs to. Because of this, it has taken a while before her superiors noticed her, but when they did, they found her to be a intelligent woman that knows what she is talking about and what she wants. Her previously poorly developed ability to stand up for her own principles and her indecisiveness that has plagued her since she joined the Academy have proven to be daunting aspects which she has improved over the years. Because of her Bajoran heritage she expresses emotions in a stronger fashion compared to humans, though she is very capable in channeling them properly. Being a hybrid brings her difficulties dealing with the most intense emotions because of her partial human neural pathways that are not designed to process the intensity of Bajoran emotional responses. According to her latest psychological evaluation, Calyssa is a well seasoned commanding officer that has a high level of intelligence, tends to be introvert in social situations, chooses intuitively, has a predisposition to approach matters radically and decisively. Excellent Command material but her tendency to approach her crew to distantly might cause a problem.
Strengths: Intelligent, rational, decisive, physical agility, listening skills, ability to read people
Weaknesses: Introvert, at times lack of confidence, lack of empathy, tendency to seclude herself
Ambitions: finish a Ph.D. degree in Paleo-anthropology and Plant physiology, discover the secrets of the Chozo legacy
Hobbies and interests(s): Gymnastics (as far as her age allows her), piano, plant fysiology, anthropology

Personal History

Previous to Starfleet
Born on June 14th in the year 2350, Calyssa Aelyn sees daylight for the first time on Bajor in the Lonar Province, inside a cabin, well hidden in the lush woods of the province. Despite of the Occupation, Calyssa has had an easy childhood till her 9th year of age as most of the skirmishes between the Cardassian Military and the Rebels were not very common in Lonar Province due to its desolate location in between mountain ranges, oceans and forests. In fact, because of its location, a Starfleet Lt. Fiona Prescott deliberately piloted her failing shuttle into Lonar province because of its relatively peaceful reputation, knowing that the rest of the Planet was thrown into chaos due to the Occupation. Calyssa’s mother was a Starfleet Officer on search and rescue mission after her vessel, the USS Alameda suffered a critical engine failure near the Bajoran system during the war with the Cardassians. She was sent out in a shuttle to search for aid but near Bajoran, her shuttle was fired upon by Cardassian vessels, forcing her to land on Bajor. Barely surviving the crash, Fiona found her way to the residence of a Bajoran craftsman, named Aelyn Kastor. He treated her injuries and cared for her when the Cardassian presence started to increase in the Bajoran sector, trapping Fiona on Bajor. Despite frequent visits from the Cardassians that forced Kastor to construct objects for them, the situation was not bad enough to prevent them from falling in love with each other. Nine months later, despite of the war efforts, Fiona got pregnant and another nine months later, Calyssa was born.

The first nine years of Calyssa were relatively peaceful, mostly because the underground resistance movements focussed their efforts to retaliate mostly in Da’kur and Rakantha provinces. The Cardassians did take advantage of it though as they stationed their higher ranking officers in Lonar province for them to live which had a negative influence on the relatively peaceful childhood of Calyssa. The visits of Cardassian Glins and Gills making requests for Kastor became more demanding with each passing month. It didn’t take long before Aelyn Kastor had earned himself a reputation of a collaborator against his own better judgment simply because he was forced to comply or else he would ‘be digging the graves of his family’. Additionally, working for the Cardassians had always meant safe passage for his family who were not deported to any lf the labour camps. Thankfully Kastor and Fiona were both intelligent and cunning individuals which allowed them to teach Calyssa everything they knew since it was becoming too dangerous to send her to school. Aged 6, Kastor and Fiona grew weary of the badmouthing about them being collaborators and they considered joining the underground to prove them otherwise since Kastor, despite of his actions that he was forced to carry out, felt awful about how his species was being dealt with. It wasn’t until the massacre of Halethra village near their residence that the underground movements took his words seriously. Kastor and Fiona lost a good deal of trusted friends in the massacre and as a retaliatory action, Kastor rigged a kanar case he constructed for a Gull with an explosive device. When the underground got word of his action, he was allowed in, though they remained suspicious fearing that the couple were Cardassian operatives. With a child aged 8 by then, Fiona and Kastor had to plan out their actions carefully in order not to lose their privileges with the Cardassians and to ascertain the safety of their little girl. A year later when they are carrying out a big campaign against the Cardassians, an inside operative exposed the Aelyn family to the Cardassians which put them in immediate mortal danger. The couple who has earned the admiration and respect of the underground was being extracted by the underground in order to escape to Naren II, a Federation colony well away from Cardassian influence. During their covert extraction which took days of transferring from one ship to another, they were hunted down by the Cardassians just as long until they were discovered. In a critical confrontation between Kastor, Fiona and the Cardassians, Fiona was fatally shot by a Cardassian Glinn in front of Calyssa but Kastor was able to shake them off allowing him to take his daughter safely to Naren II where he could focus on raising and educating his daughter.
Safely arrived on Naren II, Kastor and Calyssa had great difficulties accepting the tragic loss of his wife and her mother. Despite of the difficult times that lied ahead, they were keen on picking their lives up and Calyssa was enrolled on a school where she was able to make friends swiftly. Among her first friends was a human boy called Roland Hart. Kastor, having enough of being a craftsman, decided to do something that had always pleased him: music. He opened a music school where he taught the children of Naren II colony to play various instruments like he did teach Calyssa to play the Bajoran Jalandri and the Terran piano. During the next couple of years Calyssa and Kastor grew closer together and they developed a very strong father-daughter relationship. In these years, Calyssa’s intellect was flourishing because of the favourable circumstances in which she grew up at that time. Roland who had become her dearest friend by then was determined to explore the Galaxy as a son of a Starfleet officer. He took her out exploring the vicinity of their settlement and when they both reached the age of 14, he took her to explore the rest of the country side during long summer camping trips. Since she has only been on Bajor and Naren II, she felt the urge to visit new places as her age progressed to early adolescence, developing in the young woman with a more progressive attitude towards the present than her father. This and the escalated relationship between the Cardassians and the Bajorans had fascinated her since her early teen years at school. Ever since she was determined to devote some of her time to study Strategics with the rationale of being able to make a difference with her acquired knowledge. Her developing identity as an onset of her progressing age to young adolescence primed her to make the decision to attend the Academy just like Roland, this to much regret of her father. More and more time they spent arguing about Calyssa’s future when she revealed her intentions to join Starfleet instead of applying for a traineeship at the Bajoran institute of Sciences which her school had offered her after she graduated with high grades. Kastor on the other hand didn’t like it one bit that she had decided to join Starfleet with the events that led to Fiona’s still in the back of his mind. But Calyssa’s urge to explore became very strong and in the end Kastor accepted her wishes. The idea that Calyssa would make an excellent officer gave his mind some ease and aged 18 Calyssa headed off to Earth to join the Academy.

Starfleet Academy
The Academy turned out to be one of the greatest challenges Calyssa had to deal with in her life. Realizing that she had actually not spent time in absence of her father she grew closer to Roland during the first four introductory weeks. But when classes started she realized that Roland was assigned to a different class because he chose Engineering as his major. In comparison to her time on Naren II, she had the greatest difficulties making other friends and contacts. At a certain point during her freshman year, she was plagued by feelings of homesickness and isolation that she was caught in a feedback loop of negative thinking. Tormented with thoughts about her killed mother, the distance from her father and Roland (despite of the short distance between them) and the unfamiliarity of the system on the Academy forced her to see a counsellor. If it wasn’t for his joint intervention with the aid of Roland she would have left the Academy halfway through her first year. After a couple of sessions Calyssa managed to break out of her negative thinking step by step when Academy’s lead counsellor Farrin had ordered her to change class together with Roland allowing herself to finally focus on her chosen major subject: Strategic Operations. Not long thereafter Calyssa finally managed to get her energy working for her in a positive way. Her grades went up considerably, she seemed to engage herself in extra curricular activities, like the gymnastics and classical music groups and before she knew it she had made some additional friends beside her ever lasting friendship with Roland. During the summer leave of the Academy, Roland and Calyssa headed back to Naren II to spend with their families, something that Kastor greatly appreciated despite the fact that his music school turned out to be a well visited academy on Naren II. It was during their returning summer camp tradition, this time joined by two good Academy friends of theirs that Calyssa was informed by her father that the occupation had come to an end. Blown away by the news, both felt reluctant to return to Bajor to join in on the festivities and they decided to remain on Naren II for now. Because of their too different fields of expertise it was no longer an option that Calyssa and Roland could be put in the same class but after her successful integration in the Academy routine, Calyssa no longer required Roland to be that close now that she had found her ways to deal with campus life. In fact, her tutors were pleasantly surprised by the enormous amount of dedication and work she put into her courses that they recommended her to seek an additional challenge. As such, Calyssa decided to take on Tactical as a second major with approval of the Academy’s responsible dean. Having to continuously switch between the two completely different fields of operations was a daunting challenge in itself but Calyssa managed to do well in spite of the fact that the average of her grades seemed to get lower due to the increase in workload. At tactical classes she met Cadet Sarah Kathlene Samuellson, a spirited and driven Swedish young woman who was evenly eager to prove her worth. During the second year, they were able to form a tight bond. The junior year went on by pretty smooth. The courses that the Academy was offering started to become more practical than theoretical and she spent most of her class time in simulators working out all kinds of strategic scenarios, including a thorough strategic evaluation of the Bajoran Occupation which she carried out most passionately. Admiral Yalisimyreck, a stern-hearted Strategist, awarded her with a well deserved 96 percentile, according to him a first in a life time experience to be confronted with such good work. In between working out strategic scenarios and tactical simulations, she found time to enroll herself in several music recitals and gymnastic contests which she seemed to do fairly well. The reputation of Calyssa being an elegant and agile athlete and a gifted musician spread the campus swiftly. Roland confronted her that the Red Squad commanders were looking for squadron members and though she initially disliked the idea of being part of such an elite group, she allowed both Roland and Sarah to convince her to apply for the position of Tactician within one of the newly formed squads. Unfortunately it turned out to be that Sarah and Calyssa were to compete for the same position within the squadron of a third year squadron leader by the name of Daniel West. After a series of combat simulations Daniel decided to go with Sarah instead and though the blow felt hard initially, Calyssa found consolation in the fact that Roland had not made it through the selections either. During her senior year she spent half of her time on a strategic internship aboard the posting of her dreams, Deep Space 9. The station she once deeply feared as Terok Nor had become the paradoxal counterpart of what it once used to be, Bajor’s sworn protector against influences from the recently discovered Gamma Quadrant. Under Major Kira Nerys and Lieutenant Jadzia Dax she was assigned to mapping the ongoing strategic developments between the Federation, Bajor and the Cardassians that seemed to be caught in a triangular web of strategic influence. As fascinating as her 9 months internship was, she was relieved when she was able to return to the Academy for the graduation ceremony, something she had been looking forward to since months. Once back on Earth, she was struck by the very unfortunate news that during one of the Squad’s last training missions on an abandoned communications array, Sarah Samuellson had given her life to protect the lives of her mates. Her funeral ceremony that was arranged, without her body since it was never retrieved from the scene, overshadowed the upcoming graduation ceremony. Calyssa felt extremely sorry for her boyfriend, Daniel West who had developed a romantic relationship during Sarah’s time on his squad. A week later, she graduated from the Academy with the rank of ensign and a deep space assignment that Major Kira had been able to arrange for her. Kastor, who had come to Earth to witness this great moment in his daughter’s life, was extremely proud of her and during a month of leave before she and Roland started on their first assignment, Calyssa and Kastor moved back to Lonar province to set up their life they once had on Bajor.

Starfleet Career

Assignment #1 – Deep Space Eight
Though troublesome at first, the reintegration on Bajor slowly started to work out for Kastor and Calyssa. At first, the local Bajorans still saw Kastor as a collaborator for working with the Cardassians and for leaving the planet years ago, but with help of Calyssa and a good friend from the underground, his name was restored in good faith and slowly he got accepted into their new society. As he did on Naren II, he started a music academy which in the end drew a lot of students.
After 5 hard weeks on Bajor, Calyssa parted from her father once more to report to her first deep space assignment as a Starfleet Officer. On Deep Space 8, she was assigned as a Junior Strategic Operations officer under supervision of Lieutenant Commander Hayu’nH where she was assigned to monitor and map the movements of the rogue Federation faction, The Maquis. Considering the fact that a lot of Bajorans and Cardassians were involved in her field of research, she found the work intriguing but not challenging at all. Fortunately she was assigned to a large starbase in which she found considerable time to keep her gymnastic routines up-to-date. During several of the bi-monthly recitals, she received high praise by the station’s CO, Commodore Barbanix, for her masterly play on the piano.

Assignment #2 – USS Everest
Her first assignment did not last much longer than 9 months. With the imminent threat of Dominion forces invading the Alpha Quadrant. In anticipation of this, Starfleet doubled ship construction efforts and halfway through the year 2372 Calyssa was reassigned as Assistant Tactical Officer to the USS Everest, an Intrepid class vessel launched as a counter measure to the Dominion threat. The ship was commanded by Commander Holodra Jylrah, a Tiburonian Starfleet Officer. Knowing that the next few years were going to be hard, she recommended a young ensign Roland Hart to Jylrah as he still was looking for a young but apt Assistant Chief Engineer. What started out to be a relatively easy mission with patrols along the Cardassian DMZ, turned out to be quite an emotionally intense period. The morale was low and hard and lives were lost during nearly every border defence incursion the Everest was sent out to. Whereas Calyssa had plenty of time to work on her gymnastics and piano routines on DS8, here on the Everest, she was lucky if she did not have to pull a double shift. Roland and Calyssa’s impeccable input despite of their relatively inexperience seemed to impress the XO tremendously. Fresh Academy graduates being able to deal with the stresses of war in such a professional manner deserved some acknowledgement. He put them up for a promotion and Commander Jylrah granted his request. If it weren’t for Calyssa and Roland’s way to get together as friends to reflect on their serving time during the war, they would probably have snapped under the implications of what they had to do. Three months before the second battle of Chin’toka, during a mission where Calyssa, Roland and their superiors were sent out to free several imprisoned members of the USS Nyagi. Though initially successful, they walked into an ambush before getting to the extraction coordinates. In a skirmish shoot-off between them and the Dominion forces, both the Chief Tactical and Chief Engineer were killed. Upon return they were both instated as Chief Tactical and Chief Engineer respectively. In their new positions they were able to gain experience fast. In the time that led up to the second battle of Chin’toka and the Dominion signing their capitulation, the Everest was involved in many one to one skirmishes with Dominion attack cruisers that allowed Calyssa to practise her tactical routines. After the capitulation the USS Everest remained assigned to the Demilitarized Zone to make sure that the Cardassians were going to keep their end of the bargain and rest came back to the Alpha Quadrant and aboard the USS Everest, allowing Calyssa to focus on her passions again. In early 2376, Calyssa was informed by, then Captain Jylrah, that she and Roland and many others of the Everest crew have exceeded his expectation. As a reward, many of them were promoted per orders from Starfleet itself, allowing Calyssa to put two solid pips on her collar.

Assignment #3 – USS Minshara
Not long after her promotion to Lieutenant, the recent appointed Captain of the USS Minshara, a Denmark class vessel, requested Calyssa to transfer to his ship to become his new Chief Strategic Operations Officer. Captain Krieerr, a Caitian, was a good friend of Admiral Yalisimyreck who taught Strategy to Calyssa at the Academy. He recommended the half Bajoran to the Captain when he came with the news that he was looking for a gifted and eager strategist. Subsequently, Calyssa parted with pain in the heart from Captain Jylrah and Lieutenant Roland Hart who remained Chief Engineer aboard the Everest. Though considerably older than during her first year at the Academy, she seemed to be experiencing the same initial difficulties to get settled aboard the USS Minshara, which was compared to the Everest a massive vessel. Her piano and her gymnastic routines kept her on her feet in times of extreme difficulties and after her first recital in the ship’s lounge, she was noticed by the members of the senior staff. She grew close to some of the Senior Crew, Lieutenant Nezeri Tyala, the unjoined Trill OPS officer, Commander Hrao Jelandros, the Kobliad XO and most notoriously Lieutenant Fargan Jandris, the Bajoran Chief Medical Officer. Every Monday evening they got together to enjoy a dinner followed by various group activities, ranging from rock-climbing to sailing on Betazed’s lake Numari. After three months she felt completely comfortable aboard the USS Minshara, so comfortable that she forgot about Roland with whom she kept regular subspace contact. After the shakedown cruise of nearly 7 months, the ship began its true mission in the Beta Quadrant: Diplomatic mediation between the Klingon and Romulan empires. As Krieerr was a well renowned diplomat, he got assigned to this delicate long term mission and Calyssa found it an honour to be part of it, allowing her to fully indulge her curiosity in strategic moves between the Romulan military fleet and the Klingon warrior’s cruisers. Assigned to the bridge, she was witnessed all major events that occurred aboard the ship, something that proved to be a good way to learn about various fields of her commission including the fact that she was given quite some opportunities to master the Klingon and Romulan languages during many away missions she was allowed to join. In the next year, she was not only confronted with many things that happened smoothly, she finally reached a point in her career where her shortcomings became visible. Though her first away missions in command of a small team carrying out missions, she was continuously confronted with feelings of insecurity when in command. With each command mission she got assigned to, these feelings grew until her doubts and lack of self confidence were noticed by her friends. During their weekly get-togethers they spent quite some time discussing it, allowing Calyssa to learn from it. Slowly, her doubts about her abilities to make the right decisions when in command began to dissipate with each experience she was offered to be in command. In fact, Jelandros reckoned that she had shown enough growth to put her up for the next test, Gamma shift command duties. Something that Calyssa seemed to be doing well, despite her increasingly stronger fears of the Command Chair. Instead she had decided not to let anyone in about her fears and decided to live with it in silence. Initially that worked out well since in 2379, a good three years after the Minshara launched, Krieerr was happy to add a pip to her collar, promoting her to Lieutenant Commander and Second Officer of his ship after the Chief Flight Control Officer took an assignment as XO elsewhere. Calyssa was happy to be recognized for her efforts and the promotion and displayed confidence in her surely boosted her self-esteem. The two months were relatively easy with the tensions between the Klingons and Romulans at a history depth, allowing Calyssa to explore her friendships with Jelandros, Tyala and Fargan to a fuller extend. In fact the friendship with the Chief Medical Officer, Fargan Jandris grew out to be something special since both had Bajoran roots. Spending hours and hours with him talking about the Occupation and how their families suffered the consequences, was the basis of a more intimate friendship. As a result, both enjoyed a well deserved period of Leave of Absence that lasted a month which they spent on Bajor with their families. Kastor was thrilled to be reunited with the woman his daughter had become. Ever since the war they hadn’t seen each other and it came to a great surprise to Calyssa that he had accepted a teaching post on the Bajoran Academy of Musical Arts, the planet’s most renowned institution for musical education. Additionally Calyssa was extremely glad to see that his father had met a new woman in his life, Elynnis Bahlu, an unjoined Trill who he had met aboard Deep Space 9. After meeting with both Calyssa and Jandris’ families, they decided to spend the last week on themselves in a Bajoran wildlife reserve to allow them to enjoy each other’s company. What they intended to happen, did happen: during their last week together, they became romantically involved with one another, something that did not surprise Jelandros and Tyala after their return. For a month, her euphoric state of existence continued until she was assigned to another command mission in which she was ordered to set out with a runabout to escort a Klingon official to a nearby Federation outpost for peace talks. The mission was to be carried out as a covert operation because the Tal’Shiar had placed a price on the Klingon’s head. Due to a failure in one of the runabout‘s warp coils, Calyssa, her small crew and the Ambassador were stranded near the Romulan border and a decision needed to be made swiftly. Calyssa decided to pilot the craft in a near nebula and called for Federation assistance. Obviously it was the wrong decision, because the Tal’Shiar was able to trace the origin of the communiqué and they attacked the vessel. If Captain Krieerr had not intervened with the Minshara, they would have certainly all died. During the Tal’Shiar attack, the Klingon was critically injured and despite Jandris’ good care, he died shortly thereafter. Captain Krieerr was disappointed that Calyssa had taken the decision to hide and call for help instead of completing the mission. He found himself forced to enter an official entry in her record that would make sure that Calyssa would be reminded of her mistake for years to come, giving her a negative command recommendation. The next three months were hard on her. Krieerr had cut down her privileges and reduced her authority to Gamma shift commands only. Jelandros. Tyala and Jandris who felt sorry for her attempted to remind her that this was just a temporary action so that she could reflect on her actions but she felt kept out of the loop. In the end Jelandros advised her to request a transfer so she could start with a fresh start on another ship. She explained her situation to Krieerr and unexpectedly he was extremely open and cooperative, probably due to Calyssa’s candour and how she took the big step to confront her CO with the way she felt. As a sign of gratitude, Krieerr made sure that Calyssa got a new assignment of dignity aboard the newly commissioned USS Rhea, a Luna class ship assigned to explore the distant regions of Orion’s Arm, as Chief Strategic Operations and Second Officer, hoping that she would be able to develop into a more matured officer aboard a different starship. When the time came to part with her friends aboard the Minshara, she felt reluctant to do so, especially because of her feelings for Jandris. Prior to taking a transport back to sector 001, she had visited him announcing that she was going to break off their relationship. With tears in her eyes, she departed from the USS Minshara off to start a new beginning on a different posting.

Assignment #4 – USS Rhea
Before reporting aboard the USS Rhea, she decided to spend a week with her father on Bajor to reflect on her recent experiences aboard the Minshara, second-doubting whether she had made the right decision to leave since she had never felt better at another posting. She had always considered the Minshara to be her future. During the next week, she felt that her father was a great help and an emotional support in hard times. With charged batteries, she found it within herself to see her posting aboard the Rhea as a new start and feeling less reluctant about it, she headed to Utopia Planitia to report aboard. Captain T’rellis, a Vulcan Starfleet Officer well passed 150 years of age, accepted her as part of her crew as if her record was not blemished by recent events, despite the fact that the first thing that T’rellis did was confronting Calyssa with what she had found in her file. After a very fruitful conversation about the matter, along with the ship’s XO Padraig Daniels who had returned to active duty in Starfleet, T’rellis committed both of her senior staff officers on a tight guidance program allowing Calyssa to overcome her command shortcomings and Padraig to receive some strategy training. Three weeks later, the ship was launched and set course to the desolate regions of Orion’s Arm. She got used to the Rhea relatively swiftly and due to the program T’rellis had put her on, she developed a friendship with Padraig and some others of the crew but she never had the connection she had with her friends aboard the Minshara who she still missed. Slowly Calyssa showed progress in working on her weaknesses and she was offered command of away teams on a more regular basis. In late 2381 the ship was assigned to fight off the Borg in a small skirmish near the Tholian border. Though the ship and crew stood their ground, it could not be avoided that the Rhea was destroyed by the assimilated Starfleet vessel USS Einstein. Again Calyssa found herself to be without an assignment but this time she was grateful for the chance that T’rellis and Padraig had given her to show what she was worth.

Assignment #5 – USS Quasar
Fortune hit her path when recently promoted Captain and dear friend Hrao Jelandros visited her spending some time on Bajor, this time not with her dad but all by herself trying to figure things out for herself. It has led her to conclude that her Starfleet career has been less than smooth and since the start of her career she had not found an assignment she could call home. Jelandros offered her a position as Executive Officer aboard the command he was about to get, the scientific Nova class USS Quasar, a ship currently being refitted at Xavier fleet yards in the Bellatrix sector. Normally, she would have declined a promotion into the command department but her cravings for being in familiar surroundings were stronger than her own lack of self-confidence. Lieutenant Commander Nezeri Tyala was to serve on the Quasar too but Jandris remained aboard the Minshara since he declined Jelandros’ offer to transfer to the Quasar as the Chief Medical Officer. Probably due to the fact that he would have to serve with Calyssa again and their break-up had quite an impact on him. Another fortunate event was the happy reunification with Lieutenant Commander Roland Hart who was assigned as the Quasar’s Chief Engineer. With two additional Lieutenant Commanders aboard a too small vessel, a choice had to be made who was going to be Second Officer and Captain Jelandros tasked her XO with making that choice since she knew the two candidates best. Already regretting the fact that she took a command position she did what was asked and decided to go with Commander Tyala, something Roland could understand. The Quasar’s shakedown occurred smoothly and without any big concerns so 3 months ahead of schedule the ship proceeded with her first mission, surveying the Feyelis nebula near the Briar Patch. Hrao and Calyssa rotated command of the ship on shift bases allowing Calyssa to command the ship during the beta shifts during the evening. Because of the relative easy going scientifically based missions and the familiar surroundings being among friends made her feel less stressed out about her reservations against the job. She actually started to like it. Hrao was pleased that Calyssa finally grew into her position after relatively little effort on his behalf. Two months later the Quasar was sent out to react on a distress call that had been sent out by a Klingon Bird of Prey. The Away team that Calyssa led came to the conclusion that the ship which was deserted had been completely stripped of its vital components. Initially suspecting the Yridians or the Ferengi to have pulled of such a stunt, the Quasar continued the investigation until they found the missing components of the Klingon vessel. They had been taken by a rogue Federation faction to the Daleron system in the Cardassian Demilitarized Zone for the creation of presumably a war factory on the surface. Relaying this intelligence to Starfleet Command, the USS Quasar was taken off the case and Starfleet sent in the USS Ben Nevis to continue the investigation. Commander Daniel West and his crew found out that the Rogue Faction had been undermining Federation jurisdiction under the name “The Coalition” led by a Starfleet Marine Corpse Colonel: Colonel Dominic Farraway. A year later the USS Quasar was assigned to a Search and Rescue Operation after the USS Ben Nevis had been reported missing. A search had led them to an M-class moon near the Tholian border where the Ben Nevis crew was held prisoner by Coalition forces in a clandestine imprisonment facility they had called “Pjun’Zith”, ancient Andorian word for Underworld. Ever since the USS Quasar received more and more missions that were connected to the growing inside threat of the Coalition. Admiral Adrian Marcus West, chief of Internal Affairs who was charged with carrying out a thorough investigation into the Coalition’s dealings, wanted the Coalition’s status to be kept strictly classified to prevent massive hysteria. Therefore he assigned a small ship of vessels to this surveillance which would carry out his field missions. The USS Quasar was one of them along with the USS Ben Nevis, commanded by Adrian’s son, Daniel who was promoted to Captain by then. In late 2382 the USS Quasar was ordered by Admiral West to perform an inspection of the HORUS sentry information relays near the Gorn Hegemony borders. It appeared that the Coalition had rigged the relays in such a way that intel about the Federation was travelling to the Gorn instead of the other way around. After the Quasar had retrieved evidence that the Coalition was behind this treason, the ship was ordered to deliver this evidence to Deep Space 4, Internal Affairs Headquarters. Unfortunately the small Nova class vessel was heavily attacked by Gorn destroyers and Coalition commandeered vessels. During the attacks, Captain Hrao Jelandros, good friend of Calyssa died in her arms, forcing her to take command of the Quasar. In spite of her reservations against sitting in the big chair, her predicament did not allow her mind to play tricks with her so she adequately took command of the ship, guiding the ship to safety after Captain Krieerr and the USS Minshara came to her aid by holding of her attackers. Assuming that they succeeded their mission, they were faced with the fact that aboard the Quasar a secret Coalition agent had been operating. He deleted every bit of information and evidence they had rounded up, leaving them with nothing at all to stand a case against the Coalition.

Assignment #6 – Attache to Chief of Internal Affairs
Starfleet Command refused to give Calyssa the captaincy of the USS Quasar considering her still negative command recommendation that Krieerr once entered in her file. Though Roland and Nezeri filed an official protest against this decision, it did not have a lot of effect. Starfleet kept denying her captaincy. Being thoroughly impressed with her recent actions aboard the USS Quasar, Starfleet was willing to nullify it if she continued to do well in the future. She was offered to remain XO of the Quasar under a new Commanding Officer but Calyssa was offered another very appealing position by Admiral West senior himself. Considering her recently acquired expertise on the Coalition, she was offered the privileged position of personal adjutant to the Admiral, in essence being his eyes and ears when it came to the Coalition. With the events on the Quasar and Hrao’s very unfortunate death in the back of her mind, she decided that taking the Admiral up on his offer was the best thing to do, allowing her strategy background to be a firm preparation for the job ahead. As such, Admiral West senior promoted her to the rank of full Commander. Both Nezeri and Roland remained aboard the USS Quasar which was offered to Captain Rhuushra, a high ranking Tellarite officer. As adjutant she was often sent out to Starfleet vessels or bases were thought to have Coalition agents in their midst. For a year and a half she spent her time tracking them down and unmasking them. With intelligence reports claiming that the Coalition was increasing its radius of influence, it was time for Internal Affairs to really start countering them. Admiral West gave Calyssa more privileges allowing her to act on her own. Additionally he assigned the Defiant class USS Cougar to her as a Command duty officer. The death of her dear friend Hrao mainly formed a great thrive allowing Calyssa to excel at her job. She effectively countered the Coalition in a very discreet fashion. Nevertheless, she more and more became a wanted target within the Coalition until a certain point that it was becoming dangerous. While away aboard the USS Cougar, an attempt to take out the ship with her aboard was orchestrated by the Coalition who had used an operative to plant micro-trilithium devices thereby rigging the ship. Calyssa came to the realization that her limit was reached. Though she was keen on seeing the Coalition brought down, she could not pretend that all could be jeopardized for it. Respectfully she requested Admiral West senior or a transfer. Adrian reacted cooperatively and asked her whether she would be interested in moving to the Gamma Quadrant, since a colleague of his was looking for a personal adjutant. Knowing that she did a good job, Adrian was very happy to recommend her to the Commanding Officer of the 9th Task Force, which she later found out to be his son, Daniel West.

Assignment #7 – Attache to Task Force 9 Commander
She met with Rear Admiral West junior and took the assignment after their initial discussion. After being denied in his squadron, she was interested in what she had missed out. The fact that he was one of the younger Admirals in Starfleet, she specifically wanted to know what he did to climb the ranks so fast, compared to herself. Along with her transfer to the Gamma Quadrant, the USS Cougar came along with her. The ship was assigned to the Task Force Head Quarters, Iconia Colony, situated on Idran III. The Captain of the Starfleet outpost on Iconia (Iconia’s Keep), Captain Irina La Rogua was assigned as the new CO of the Cougar but as a true Captain, she felt reluctant to leave her base, allowing Calyssa to take out the Cougar on frequent spins when Daniel had assigned her on a mission away from Iconia. Her regular trips away caused her to get tensed up about being given responsibilities again. Thankfully Calyssa got help from Admiral West junior who in her view was ‘cocky’ enough to spare some confidence for her. She once said this to him and ever since they regarded each other as friends, making her regret that she didn’t push through to become a member of his squad at the Academy. Slowly she grew accustom to get more responsibility and after a couple of months she began to grow into the concept of getting command experience. She even started to like it. Roland expressed his confidence in her during one of their bi-weekly subspace communications that she would make a hell of a CO one day. She also received his news that Roland had been promoted to Commander while accepting an assignment at San Francisco Fleetyards as Head of Constructive Engineering on a new ship class to be designed by Starfleet. Tyala was coming with him, assigned as Operations specialist to the same project. The news that they had developed a romantic interest in one another was exceptionally hard for her. Being away from her two best friends did not allow her to prepare for this news, coming to the realization that she was alone, not having found any time to find a male counterpart for her. She took consolation with the fact that she regarded her career as first priority, though she has never been able to let the subject go. Recently, due to outstanding conduct, she was assigned as Iconia’s Keep XO under La Rogua after Admiral West Junior had round up enough proof to show Starfleet that she was fit for a career in command. They nullified her negative recommendation and with a spotless record once over, she could start on gaining experience as the Executive Officer of a Starfleet Colony. Daniel had requested though that she remained his personal adjutant and she accepted the offer gratefully. The following months passed by relatively easily allowing her to gain additional field experience sinc both Admiral West and Captain la Rogua liked to send her out on frequent away missions aboard the USS Adamant, a new Diligent class vessel assigned to Iconia Keep. In October 2384 the Coalition executed a terrorist attack against Starfleet in the Gamma Quadrant by taking out one of the five domes on Iconia Colony with explosive devices. Hundreds were killed and the number of wounded was even greater, among them Admiral West Senior who was forced to retire effective immediately. It did not take long for Starfleet Chief of Staff Admiral Necheyev to appoint a (temporary) replacement, his son, Daniel. With his new job, he was forced to relinquish command of his beloved ship, the USS Callisto an Insignia class starship. Since his XO, Commander Louise Hanson retired from active Starfleet Service, Daniel appointed Calyssa as his successor as the Commanding Officer of the ship.

Assignment #8 – USS Callisto – Insignia Class
Closely assigned to him, he prepared her for the job ahead for a period of nearly three months and in early January 2385, Admiral West was glad to decorate her collar with a well-earned fourth pip, followed by a short ceremony in which he transferred the Callisto Command Codes to her. The first year as a Captain was hard. She experienced the hardships of captaincy in difficult missions deep inside the gamma and delta quadrant. Despite of her insecurity she managed to do well and slowly she is gaining faith in her own competence as a Starfleet Captain.
In early 2386 the Callisto was assigned to a distant part of the Delta quadrant where they were tasked with hosting a conference for the Felwar mining consortium. Members of the consortium were wiling to expand their reign of influence and they were looking to see if the federation could play a part in it. The conference never took place as the Callisto was attacked by an enemy faction known as the Edolwan. It seemed that the Felwar leaders were harbouring sacred Chozo items. Items that could point in the way of an ancient Chozo temple that is known in this part of space as the library. Intrigued by the concept of an extinct ancient species more advanced that any major power in the current line of time, Calyssa is determined to find that library before the FelWar and Edolwa. With the help of the last Doylarian named Wyliu, they find the library hiding on an M-class planetoid in a micronebula near the very distant Nerey’N system in the Gamma Quadrant near the Delta Quadrant border. Though much information inside the library is lost, the signs that the Chozo were onse a dominating factor in the galaxy are very convincing. The Callisto crew finds appealing proof that much of the Chozo lore has been deliberately hidden by the Chozo themselves to guard their legacy. Starfleet is convinced that treasure of Chozo lore and technology could mean a definitive step forward, they decide to erect a task force that is specifically tasked to collect Chozo lore and return it to the library. A Starfleet base of operation is established in an abandonded space station that appears to be of Chozo origin. This station in orbit of Nerey’N III is named Rivendell station and falls under command of Rear Admiral Daniel West who is selected to become the Commander of the newly assembled Chozo Expedition. The USS Callisto is one of the ships that become part of this task force.
In late 2386, the ship was infected with a fungal infection in its gelpacks causing it to manifest system wide malfunctions. Because of that, the Callisto was returned to Utopia Planitia in Mars for a major refit of the computer systems. Calyssa and her crew were reassigned to a new vessel because the refit of the Insignia class vessel would take too long to await completion. The Luna class USS Tethys was assigned to them and as a favour from Admiral West senior, the Tethys was renamed USS Callisto.

Assignment #9 – USS Callisto – Luna Class
After an accelerated procedure to get the newly named USS Callisto back in action, the ship sets course back to the Nerey’N system using the Chozo jump gate network. A few months earlier the Insignia class USS Callisto had pioneered in using this system for transport. Though it appeared to be draining for starship systems, it is a relatively save means of transportation over large distances.
In september 2386 the USS Callisto was trapped in a subspace fold with more than 95% of the crew trapped in a separate bubble. The remaining crew had to find a way to keep the ship running as a skeleton crew while finding a way to get the other crewmembers back and to find a way out of the fold. In the process the Callisto’s XO was reported MIA. Upon return to Rivendell decided that the ship’s second officer, Calyssa promoted her second officer and chief science officer and good friend, Lieutenant Commander Alyxx Darkka to the Callisto’s new First Officer ranked Commander.
After their return, the USS Callisto encounters a military force known by the locals as the GYor This faction appeared to be very agressive and their main priority is conquering space and vessels to expand in territory. The brand new USS Callisto was boarded and the crew was left on a desolate abandoned planet. A huge world wide catastrophe had wiped out all major cities and it was the perfect spot for the Gyor to leave them behind. Without any means of communications the Callisto crew was forced to spend 3 months in solitude trying to survive the hardships of the planet. Thanks to many of the other species that were marooned by the Gyor on this planet, they managed to overthrow the forces that held the ship and they managed to escape.
This mission and several others before the Gyor crisis had proven to Calyssa that she had not grown over her command-crisis yet. She was overwhelmed with feelings of incompetence and doubt which resulted in the rather hasty decision to resign her Starfleet commission. Admiral West was far from pleased but accepted the resignation. Calyssa contacted her father, Kastor, and within a few days he had found his way to Rivendell station to offer support to his daughter in this time of mental crisis. They quickly decided that it was time to focus on the things that she liked. Ever since she had been assigned to the Chozo expedition, botany and archaeology had become interests in which she invested quite a lot of time. Though she did not majored nor minored any field of science on the Academy, the basic science courses during the first two years of her Academy life had proven to be quite worthy. Additionally she spend some time with Commander Darkka to brush op on her science skills. Kastor and Calyssa left for Nerey’N II where according to Chozo lore was another piece of Chozo lore hidden, known as a shard. Father and daughter found it and as soon as she physically contacted the shard, she entered another state of reality where she had a life confrontation with a living member of the Chozo species. The encounter, whether it was real or not, had given Calyssa the inspiration she needed to overcome her issues with herself. According to the vision she had, she was going to play a vital part in the recovery of all lost lore. Once back on Rivendell, she felt invigorated and up to the task again. Reluctantly, Admiral West restored her in her rank and gave her command of the Callisto again on a provisional basis until he was satisfied that she had learned to deal with her mental shortcomings. Calyssa and her crew were offered the time to allow their wounds inflicted by a few strenuous missions, to heal with a large quantity of fairly routine missions consisting of patrol missions mostly. In 2387 the Chozo Expedition was temporarily disbanded due to the imminent Hobus incident. In the Beta quadrant the distant Hobus star had gone supernova and its unique energy signature caused such a massive shockwave that Romulus and Remus were destroyed. All Chozo expedition vessels were ordered to aid the Romulans to deal with the crisis accordingly. The Callisto was tasked with the covert reconnaissance sectors and escorting several key vessels and crew safely to Rator II, the provisional new Capitol of the Romulan empire. During their mission in Romulan space, the Callisto crew found compelling evidence that the Hobus incident, that had led to the destruction of Romulus and Remus was not a natural occurring phenomenon, indicating that it had been orchestrated, something that Starfleet Intelligence was happy to investigate further. The Chozo expedition was continued after the provisional government of the Romulan empire regained control of their territory and the Callisto was recalled to the Nerey’N system. In 2388 tensions between Starfleet and the GYor military union were rising when Admiral West got wind of a plot between the Felwar mining consortium and the GYor military union regarding an umbricite deal. The fact that the GYor were operating beyong their boundaries was a considerable threat, that led Admiral West to the decision to intensify border patrols. This tactical decision led to the consequence that less missions were carried out to retrieve lost Chozo lore. By 2389, the frequency of border skirmishes along the GYor border had increased significantly, forcing Starfleet to forge alliances with local parties in order to intensify their defensive capabilities. After several successful missions, Calyssa recommended the Zhaant Enforcers league to the Admiral and in early 2390, Starfleet and Zaanth ran successful joint operation in countering GYorg activity. Though Calyssa was successful in retrieving several shards in the late 80’s, she and her crew were constantly confronted with the Gyor threat, culminating in what is now called the Gyor war which started in late 2391. In about 15 months the GYor massively violated their borders and invaded the Starfleet space. All Chozo expedition vessels, including the entire Zaanth enforcers fleet were involved in this short but violent war. In early 2391 the Callisto was involved in the Battle of Borrhali, a strategic corridor of space that was unclaimed but whoever controlled the corridor, controlled all space traffic. It was a swift but harsh battle that led to severe losses on both sides. Though the Callisto was saved from destruction thanks to Zhaant interference, but she suffered great losses both material and inmaterial. In the end, the Battle of Borrhali was lost and the GYor gained an important part of space. The war came to a bloody end in 2392 when the GYor union had pushed forward, well into Felwar territory. They were about to seal the war’s fate by overtaking the capitol system of the Felwar consortium, Ooroo. Admiral West orchestrated on last major offensive with one single objective: the GYor cannot take the Ooroo system. Though not as bloody as the Battle of Borrhali, the Battle of Ooroo was at least twice as big in number of involved vessels. Calyssa had been temporarily granted the field rank of fleet-captain, taking command of an attack squadron that was tasked in taking down several GYor vessels. Their flash offensive started well, due to Calyssa’s strategic anticipation but halfway through the battle, the odds were against her and the GYor fleet started to pound her squadron with heavy fire. Her squadron lost and all remaining vessels were ceased by the GYor. Like the Caiwes incident, the Callisto crew were marooned on a inhospitable moon in the Ooroo system. Thankfully this time, they were rescued rather swiftly when Gul Kunal on the Lakat and his squadron fought their way to the Felwar capitol planet. When all squads regrouped, a last offensive took place which was won by the Alliance because of the Felwar taking the side of the Alliance, fearing GYor oppression. The GYor capitulation was formalized in April 2392, finally giving Calyssa some piece of mind, though without a command as the GYor had looted the ship down to the wiring, rendering it unsalvageable. On a temporary basis Calyssa retook command of the former USS Callisto, Insignia class, which was renamed USS Citadel.

Assignment #10 – USS Citadel
In the immediate aftermath of the GYor war, Admiral West assigned his own flagship, USS Citadel to Captain Aelyn. The entire officer crew that had survived moved along. The next months were spent on regrouping and reinforcing their defensive capabilities. Though the Chozo expedition started to slowly pick up where they left off before the war, however most of Starfleet’s efforts were focussed on border patrols, along with the Zhaant enforcers fleet. Calyssa worked on reassembling her senior crew and on preparing her first officer, Commander Darkka for a command of her own. In September of 2392, Calyssa was informed that she was to receive command of a new starship. It was Starfleet’s believe now, after the GYor war and the increasing hostilities in the distant Orion’s arm, that deep space explorers and surveyors had to be better armed and shielded. A new class of starship design was expedited to launch in 2393. Five ships were currently under construction and with some diplomatic pressure, Admiral West made sure that one of those ships would be assigned to the Chozo expedition and he could imagine no other Captain to command her than Calyssa.

Assignment #11 – USS Callisto – Azura Class
In May 2393 Calyssa and her senior crew travelled to sector 001 on the USS Citadel and after reporting to San Francisco Fleetyards, Calyssa first saw her new command, an Azura class starship, mainly based of the successful Luna and Vesta class starship classes. A nice surprise was to find out that Admiral West also had arranged her new ship to be named USS Callisto, in honour of the work that Calyssa had done for the expedition. While the ship finished its prelaunch checks and tests, Calyssa took the opportunity to look up her dear friend Roland Hart and Nezeri Tyala who were both assigned to San Francisco Fleetyards as part of the general operations department. It was good to see that they were doing well and it was even quite a surprise to find out that Nezeri pregnant of their first child, which was due in another four months. Calyssa was reminded that life passed by too quickly if Starfleet to a claim on it. Her next assignment was to pick a new executive officer as Admiral West had confirmed that Commander Darkka would advance to Captain with a command of her own. A thorough selection procedure led to the choice of Commander Li-Kobrrei, an experienced Command Officer, who had previously been assigned to a Federation outpost near the Cestus system. After saying good bye to her dear friends again, it was time for the launch of the new USS Callisto. The launch took place on June 14th of 2393, Calyssa’s 43rd birthday. Immediately after launch, the ship set course to the Bajor system and the badlands to conduct the first series of tests of their shakedown program. Since they were close to Bajor, Calyssa used the opportunity to visit her father who was still living in his house in Lonar province. It felt extremely good to enjoy the comforts of her home before heading off to the distant Nerey’N system again. Her father Kastor had been assigned as Bajor’s minister of culture which forced him to work in the Capitol, which allowed Calyssa to live a few days in the house in the Lonar province. After about 10 days of shoreleave, Calyssa prepared to report back to her new ship to take her back to the Nerey’N system.

Service Record
2350 – Born
2368 – Enrolls Starfleet Academy (Strat OPS; Tactical)
2372 – DS8: Strategic Operations Officer
2373 – USS Everest: Assistant Chief Tactical Officer
2374 – Promoted to Lieutenant JG
2375 – USS Everest: Chief Tactical Officer
2376 – Promoted to Lieutenant
2376 – USS Minshara: Chief of Strategic Operations
2379 – Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
2380 – USS Rhea: Chief of Strategic Operations
2381 – USS Quasar: Executive Officer
2383 – Internal Affairs: Adjutant to Admiral Adrian West
2383 – Promoted to Commander
2384 – 9th Task Force: Adjutant to Rear Admiral Daniel West
2384 – Iconia Colony: Executive Officer & 9th Task Force: Adjutant to Rear Admiral Daniel West
2385 – Promoted to Captain
2385 – USS Callisto: Commanding Officer
2386 – USS Callisto returns to Utopia, reassigned to Luna Class USS Callisto
2387 – Temporary resassignment to beta quadrant due to Hobus incident
2387 – Reassigned to Chozo expedition
2392 – USS Callisto looted by GYor, immediate decommissioning
2392 – Temporarily assigned as USS Citadel CO
2393 – Reassigned as CO of USS Callisto, Azura class