Taking a rest from it all

Cl.01.12 – Silence cold and darkness… It enveloped her like a blanket. With little to no effort, she allow herself to float to the surface and the young spring sun warmed her face. As water was still filling up her eyes she did not see who was standing near the edge of the well. As she swam to the edge, she saw the figure of someone she has not seen a long time getting clearer and clearer. “Mom?” …

The chime of her door chirped. It took her a few seconds before she finally realized that she was a Starfleet Captain who had probably missed morning call. She rushed to her door, fastened her night robes around her waist and Calyssa finally opened the door. It was Commander Faulckner who was accompanied by Lieutenant C’riss. “Captain, is everything alright?” asked the ginger haired female officer. “What time is it?” Calyssa’s eyes needed to adjust to the brightness of the light outside her quarters. “It currently is 0930, ma’am. We have an appointment with the Admiral in 15 minutes.” Calyssa scratched her head. “I guess I must have overslept. Would you please inform the Admiral that we’ll be with him around 1000.” Calyssa managed to say now that her brain finally started to awake from its dormant state. ‘Oh and Lieutenant.” She directed herself to the security chief. “It would be best to leave this … incident out of your report.” Calyssa smiled. “Of course, Captain. Hazard of the job with so many banquets and late nights.” She chuckled and hurried herself into the sonic shower, deciding to take breakfast after the meeting with the Admiral.

“Couldn’t get out of bed this morning, Captain.” Admiral West smiled as Calyssa and Susannah stepped into his office. He arranged for tea to be brought inside while he offered the two officers a seat on his office that had a spectacular view of the biodome on one side and the main dry dry dock dome on the other side. “A matter in engineering took longer than anticipated, hence the delay” Calyssa said after adding some lemon to her Earl Grey tea. “Of course.” Daniel smiled, knowing for a fact that what the Captain had just told him was a lie. “Well, last night’s hearing didn’t go that smooth, would you say?” The Admiral took a seat on a comfortable arm chair right in front of the sofa. After the brief arrival ceremony, Admiral West and his staff were subjected to a pretty though interrogation, mainly from the Starfleet Admiralty as to why the Chozo Expedition was a cause worth the effort, something which Starfleet Command was not yet convinced of. Thankfully the Presidential cabinet, including the President himself were more convinced of the necessity of the Chozo Expedition. “Can you imagine that the politicians are actually behind us this time?” Susannah noted. The Admiral nodded. “It’s a change.” He said, stirring his tea. After he took a sip he cut to the chase. “I think it is important that we get the Admiralty on our side. It is a lot easier to get what we want if our direct superiors support our case.” He said, leaning back in his chair. “What do you have in mind?” Calyssa asked. “The Admiralty are a bunch of pragmaticians. We have to let them see why our cause is worth fighting for. “Let’s have them visit the Library.” Daniel smiled. “Oh that will work.” Calyssa said. “If we are able to let them into the world of Chozo wonders, I am sure that they will have to conclude that our work should get a higher priority.” Calyssa concluded and the Admiral agreed. Commander Faulckner reached for a PADD that she was carrying with her in one of the pockets of her uniform. She made several notes before responding. “I’ll make sure to add it to the itinerary. Perhaps another idea might be to visit the GYor war monument afterwards.” She suggested. “I don’t think that that will serve our purpose. We have lost quite some good men and women in that war.” Calyssa said, responding to the suggestion of her second officer. “You know, it might just work.” Daniel said, getting up from his chair. “If we can correlate the gains the Chozo have to offer us, along with how Starfleet crew are willing to die for it, it might be the thing we need.” Daniel smiled, looking through the glass wall to the Eden biodome. “Captain Eyjali and her crew are still researching that Chozo temple in the Berrendil sector, right?” Calyssa said. “Put that on the list as well.” Daniel said and Susannah nodded. Calyssa joined Daniel who was standing near the window, overlooking the biodome from at least 100 metres up high. Below they saw the President and his cabinet, along with the Admiralty being shown around the biodome by several lower ranking officers and stewards. Though the distance was great, they both could see that they were impressed with the Chozo installation they managed to procure several years ago.

After the meeting, Calyssa had some time to spend on getting her stack of paper work a bit smaller than it was earlier that morning. With the dignitaries off her back for a couple of hours, she managed to spend the time efficiently, giving her pretty much the rest of the afternoon off. According to the new itinerary that Commander Faulckner had given her a bit after the meeting with the Admiral, they would be heading off for the library after supper, which gave her some free hours. Calyssa did not need a lot of time to think what she wanted to do in her free time.

A glass cubicle delivered her to the recreation some, below the docking rings of the Chozo station. A short walk, passing several dining establishments, later, Calyssa noticed Alyxx seated at a small table in the front of a small restaurant. She smiled as she joined her former first officer who had now made it into the command ranks herself. “Hello, Alyxx. Good to see you.” Calyssa smiled. “It is good to see you to, Calyssa.” The older Trill officer replied. “So how is the life of a Starfleet Captain?” Calyssa ordered some fresh tea, intending to learn everything about Alyxx’ latest experiences as a starship captain.

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  1. So you want to hear all about my captaincy? I haven’t gone anywhere yet! I’ll see what I can do about that!

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