Highly esteemed guests

Cl.01.08 – Calyssa slowly extended her right arm, gazing the slender and uncommonly long Saurian male into his eyes. His silver coloured eyes were filled with┬ácaptivation she expected from the UFP President. “It is a pleasure, your excellence.” Calyssa produced a faint smile. The orange hued skin tone matched his eyes quite well. He was dressed in a straight gray uniform that lacked any kind of decoration, save for a small UFP emblem that he wore on his right collar. “I take it that mister Kalarik has explained to you what you can expect the following few days?” The sound of the president’s voice was calm and strikingly┬áserene. Calyssa immediately understood why he had been elected as President earlier this year. Though he had big shoes to fill, she reckoned that he might be just as worthy as his predecessor, Nanietta Bacco. “His excellence has explained to me that I can expect 4 members of your cabinet, sir.” Calyssa eyed President Okeg as he started to pace the floor in front of the Chief of Staff’s desk. “I am afraid that you have been supplied with incorrect information, Captain. I hope that you can make arrangements for an extra addition to the delegation that will be joining your ship tomorrow.” Calyssa was a bit confused, not knowing what the President was referring to. Quickly she gazed at the Chief of Staff who seemed to be equally surprised as she was. “After careful consideration, I have decided to join the delegation myself.” “But your excellence, … do you think that is wise?” The Chief of Staff beat Calyssa to a response but it was fair to say that her response would have been a similar one. “It is not a matter of ‘wise’ or not, Jore.” The President smiled. “For too long, Federation work in the outer rim of the Federation’s reigns of influence has gone unnoticed, while their efforts are of the utmost importance. It would benefit Starfleet as well as the Federation when we are able to shift some of the attention to these regions. I cannot think of a better way to effectuate that than me being part of the delegation.

“Mister President, with all due respect…” “Mister Kalarik, my decision on this matter is final. I do appreciate your concern, but I have the utmost faith in Starfleet in arranging the necessary security measures and as far as I have been made aware, the GYor do no longer pose an immediate threat, please correct me if I am wrong, Captain Aelyn.” The way the President managed to keep his cool, retaining his eloquence at the same time was something that Calyssa envied slightly. “You have been informed correctly, your excellence.” “Well then, I suggest you make the necessary arrangements, Captain. You can expect the delegation at 0900 the day after tomorrow.” With the order from the Federation President well received, Calyssa left the Palais de la Concorde, after paying proper respect to both the President and his Chief of Staff. She hurried back to the transport-safe-zone to beam back to her ship swiftly.

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