Back on the bridge

Cl.01.03 –¬†After another short stroll through the ministry’s garden, Calyssa and Kastor said their final good byes. Knowing that she would not be seeing her father for the foreseeable time, it always was a hard thing. Now that she was stepping down the steps in front of the ministry complex, she used her commbadge to clear her transport to the ship. After approval was received, she notified the transporter room of the Callisto to expect her arrival.

Seconds later she found herself standing on the transporter platform of transporter room 1 on the U.S.S. Callisto. “Good to see you again, Captain.” the acting transporter chief smirked. With a friendly nod, Calyssa replied. “Good to be back.” She put down the bag she had been carrying. “Can you make sure that this finds its way to my quarters?” Calyssa asked him kindly. “Of course, ma’am”. After another friendly and grateful nod, she left the transporter room, on her way to the bridge.

A short turbolift ride later, Calyssa found herself standing on the deck plating of the bridge of her ship. As expected, nothing changed since she left it about three and a half weeks ago. Like the bridge on her previous vessel, this bridge was equally bright and white, something she liked very much. In fact, in comparison to the previous bridge, not much has changed. There were two major changes. Firstly the large console in the pit, all the way on the front of the bridge was now solely dedicated to the helm, whereas the OPS station, which also used to be located next to the helm, now was located on the right side of the command area of the bridge. Additionally, a very welcome addition to the bridge, a situation table in the rear, near the master systems display.

“Captain on the bridge.” Every time she heard someone calling out those words, she was reminded of how some of Starfleet’s traditions really should change. All present crew members immediately shot to attention. Calyssa sighed, kindly smiled while making a mental note to talk to her first officer about this. “As you were.” Calyssa said and as nothing had happened, the crew returned to their business. While heading to a door in the rear of the bridge, she eyed the white-haired Commander standing about a meter in front of the command chair. “Get Admiral West on subspace, I’ll be in my ready room.” With a firm nod, the Li confirmed his orders and instantly he started bellowing orders to the present bridge crew.

When the doors shut behind her, she headed straight to her replicator and got herself a Ktarian blend coffee to get started. After the sequencing procedure was completed, she took the small cup out of the replicator and took it to her desk. Before she was able to seat herself, the Li reported that a link with the Admiral had been established. “Captain, I have the Admiral on subspace.” He reported. “Route it through to my ready room. Thank you, Commander.”

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