Routine Mission??

Cr.02.09 – Alyxx Darkka, just closed her eyes, her thoughts reeling from what had taken place over the time they’d been here in the proximity of the Kylata star system, and appeared to have little to show for it, apart from one thumping headache. Chakotay sat beside her, trying to calm the anger within him, whilst drinking his tea.

“Hoon, Doctor Hoon!” she called to the Gorn male, getting his attention, from what looked like his own thumping headache. “I think you’d better see to Charles, and keep me advised as to his condition,” she softly ordered. The tall reptilian male, acknowledged her and left the bridge. Once he’d gone, she looked at her friend sitting so dejectedly beside her. “Chakotay, go and get some rest,” she suggested, gently touching his arm. “Even if that means using your holodeck boxing program, just to let go. Just keep the safeties on, please,” she admonished him. He smiled, and stood on shaky legs. Ayala told Dyani to assist him, as he made for the turbo-lift.

“Routine science mission! Daniel suggested. When is a Starfleet mission ever routine?!” Alyxx asked in general, making many quietly agree with her in various ways.

“Lieutenant Commander Centurion, I hope you’ll hold fort for the rest of this shift?”

“Yes, Ma’am,” he responded. “Now you go and get some rest also,” he said, helping her to her feet.

“Aye, Sir,” giving him a Roman salute, with a junior officer giving her a steadying hand to stay upright as she left the bridge. 

Ayala sighed, and then started issuing orders, to get the needed information recorded and downloaded to assist in their understanding of what had just taken place and if they truly were back where and when they were supposed to be, in location and time frame.


Alyxx stood in her quarters, looking out the viewports, having dismissed the junior officer back to their post; her hand straying unconsciously to her smooth forehead, something she still wasn’t really used to, even now. Cawies II still haunted her thoughts at times, wrapping her arms about her torso. After a few minutes of silently contemplating things, both past and present, she felt the silent tears coursing down her face, blurring the stars outside the ship. 

Suddenly gentle strong arms quietly encircled her and drew her shaking body close to its broad chest, hands rubbing her back.

“Let it out, Alyxx,” his voice encouraged her, as she clung to him, holding on for dear life.

“Chakotay!”. He just held her tighter, feeling her tears soaking his uniform. 

Slowly the stream of emotional tears quietly stopped, but they continued to stand there, arms around each other, giving and receiving comfort from the other, as well as supporting the others’ shaky legs, to hold them upright. He eased his arms from around her, and took her tear streaked face into his hands, his thumbs gently wiping away the few remaining ones from her cheeks, her smile a little shaky.

“If we don’t sit down soon, I think we’ll fall down,” she said, feeling the trembling not just in her own limbs, but his also. He smiled ruefully and gently eased them both to the nearest seating, where they collapsed into the cushions. 

“Feeling a bit better?” he asked quietly.

“I’ll survive, I think. Especially once this thumping headache subsides,” Darkka responded tiredly. “How about you?” concern in her tone and expression.

“I’ll survive,” repeating her words, with a tired smile. “My feet led me here to your door, rather than the holodeck, or my quarters” he supplied, for the reason of his being there at the right moment.

“I’m glad they did,” leaning into his side trustingly, whilst pulling at the blanket on the back of the sofa and draping it over them both. Chakotay made them comfortable so as not to make their bodies suffer any more pain and relaxed into the cushions, eyes closing to rest.

“Just a short nap… perhaps…” he mumbled, yawning. Her voice spoke in agreement, yet wasn’t coherent. Thus they slept, exhausted, physically and emotionally.


In the mess hall, Hoon with the assistance of Tatti, evaluated Cmdr. Whyte’s condition. The Chief Engineer gave quiet orders to the rest of the crew present as well as getting updates from the engineering team, once that was done, he contacted the bridge.

=/\=Ayala here.=/\=

“The Captain?” Gar’tan asked, puzzled.

“Both have been ordered to rest, for now. We appear to be back where all this started. Report, Chief?”

“The crew are alright, but I think the medical department might be busy again soon, giving everyone a full medical evaluation, just to be sure,” he saw both Hoon and Tatti, nod at that. “Doctor, how’s the Commander?” The tall Gorn stood to his full height sighing deeply.

“He’s very shaken-up,” sighing again. “I shall have to put him into an induced medical coma, to help him recover from the mental trauma,” he said looking down at the white clad male. “How are you holding up, Centurion?”

“Not too bad, thanks, Doctor,” he responded with a smile in his tone. “How about you?”

“I’ve survived worse,” he acknowledged. “I’ll get the Commander to sickbay and report back to you.”

=/\= Understood, Bridge out.=/\=

“Will he be alright to transport? Or were you planning to carry him?” Gar’tan asked quietly. Hoon just shrugged. Then two medical orderlies entered, with an anti-grav stretcher, Hoon nodded approval and soon had the cultured male tucked up. Gar’tan whispered something to the obviously stressed Gorn, whose eyes turned from light pink to soft blue, as he followed the stretcher along with Tatti. 

The Bajoran/Cardassian male stood there quietly contemplating things, Tibal approached him.

“Are you alright, Chief?” the young man asked softly, concern showing in his expression. The Chief smiled reassuringly and then quietly left for his normal domain.

“Some routine mission!” said a voice, sourly.

“Yeah, but that’s Starfleet for you – weird!” noted another. The crew felt the tension ease around them as they went about their normal business on the USS Carenza.


The following shift/morning, saw Darkka sitting quietly in the Mess Hall having some eatables and her favourite tea, her gaze on the static vista of stars outside the ship, with Kylata group of stars close-by.

“Is this seat taken?” a male voice she knew well, asked. She smiled and silently indicated he could join her. Chell came over with a plate of the male’s favourite breakfast and tea that he’d ordered on his way into the area and put it in front of him, then left the pair to themselves.

“How are you feeling?” she asked, having been quietly contemplating him as he ate, his attire that of his usual civilian dark brown duty coverall, styled much like the uniforms of the NX01 Enterprise.

“Not too bad. How about you?” noting that she’d put on her standard Starfleet duty uniform.

“Good,” her eyes leaving his face to stare at the stars again. He reached over the table and squeezed her hand to get her attention, a puzzled question on his face. “Do you recall who put me to bed?” she asked, softly, her tone cautious.

“Let’s see, a Centurion, a green lizard and a language specialist!” his smile, infectious.

“So you were more awake than I was?!” He nodded, drinking his tea, watching her over the rim of his mug. “I think I heard you say something about looking out for me.”

“Yes. Which is why, Dyani stayed with you, more for my peace of mind, I think than you needing protection,” he informed her.

“Thank you,” she said and then frowned. “Did someone say, they were surprised that they’d never found you and a different captain in a similar position!?” He confirmed that, with a smile and a nod. “Hmm! Maybe because you were never that comfortable with that particular Captain!”

“Maybe,” he softly acknowledged. They both sat quietly deep in their own thoughts on differing matters. “I hope you’ll wear that dress again, sometime. It looked good on you.”

Alyxx smiled, her cheeks blushing a soft pink, her green eyes twinkling at him. “I might just do that.”

=/\= Captain to the Bridge =/\=

“Acknowledged, Lt. Commander,” she responded to the call and sighed deeply.

“Is Charles alright?” he asked gently.

“Hoon has him in Sickbay. Medically induced coma.” She just sat there for a moment, before getting to her feet, she stopped beside his seat form and squeezed his shoulder, her expression thoughtful. Without a word she left him to his own thoughts, as he took in the static stars outside the ship, sipping his tea.


“Captain on the bridge!”

“Ensign, the next time someone shouts that in my ear, as I get off the turbo-lift, will find themselves in the Brig,” she said commandingly. “This is a Starfleet vessel, not the Royal Marines.” 

“Acknowledged, Ma’am,” the male’s face was blushing. Alyxx moved to the command centre and stood with Ayala, who was trying not to smirk.

“Commander, I’d appreciate it if you’d take that out of the security rule book, please.”

“Your headache still a problem?” he softly asked, noting that she was rubbing her forehead.

“Hoon is looking into it, as he’d rather not give me any more painkillers.” 

“Understandable,” he acknowledged her discomfort. He handed her the latest report and confirmed they were back in their own time frame. “We’ve located and carefully removed all the devices that don’t belong to Carenza, thus hopefully the noises will have ceased.”

“Good. And?” taking to her seat.

“Chief is looking into the devices as they were embedded in the jump-gate nodes. Thus he’s advising we….”

“Take the scenic route,” smiling up at him. “Do we have Callisto’s last known coordinates?”

“Yes, Ma’am,” responded the Conn officer.

“All computed in?” the head in front of her nodded. “Good, then I suggest we get underway, Ensign Hasyn.” 

“Aye, Captain,” turning to face the Conn and set them on their way. Ayala sat down in the second command seat, as she’d pulled his sleeve to put him there.

“I’m getting a crick in my neck,” she softly admonished him, her tone making him smile. “How are your family settling in, Ayala?”

“We’re all managing, thank you, Captain.”

“I understand from Cap, that it was you, Suiag and Dyani that made sure we were…”

“Captain, you have nothing to worry about. I know the two of you care about each other and were very tired when you left the bridge separately,” he said gently.

“I’d forgotten that. Thank you,” giving his arm a companionable squeeze. Darkka sat more squarely in her chair, stared at the viewscreen, perused the medical report on her PADD from time to time, as well as checking their progress through space; fully aware of the Hispanic dark haired male beside her, when it should’ve been a cultured brown haired male instead.

“I’m sure he’ll be back here soon,” he whispered gently. Alyxx smiled, relaxed at her 2XO.


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