Silent Waiting Room

Cr.02.02 – Four hours after encountering the Kylata Star system and the strange screeching noise, nothing else had appeared to happen as yet! Thus Darkka and Whyte kept the crew busy checking over their systems, internally and externally, along with routine maintenance checks taking place throughout the ship and the stored shuttles. Security ran a few boarding drills, whist science and Op’s worked together to understand the lack of general space noise and readings around the Class A star and it’s two companions.
Chakotay still comatose had been transferred in the Gorn’s strong arms from the Aston Labs, where he’d collapsed to sickbay and it was to this location that Alyxx made for after handing the semi-busy bridge to Whyte’s command.
“Dr. Hoon?” she questioned quietly having entered the main sickbay area. The tall Gorn just quietly acknowledged her presence as both Captain and friend to himself and of his only patient, leading her to the screened off area, where the human male lay his eyes moving rapidly beneath closed eyelids.
“REM sleep,” he agreed to her questioning look.
“Dreaming about what?” she asked concerned.
“Come. The monitors will inform us when he wakes,” he assured her as he gently led her to his office.
The Merian class ship was in parts very much like the Intrepid class, at least in the forward section of the ship, thus sickbay, bridge, conference lounge, her Ready room and Mess Hall were very much the same as those on the most famous Intrepid class – Voyager, something she had insisted on in the building stage, except that the science decks were more extensive than originally planned for the Merian class, plus the fact that each deck was coloured in the department in which it served, rather than the standard Starfleet greys. Thus sickbay was in the colours of medical teal, with the glass of the doctor’s office a pale blue, which could be made opaque if necessary, giving those within privacy; but for now it was a clear blue tinge.
“You’re aware of the strange visions he’s been experiencing at odd times?”
“Yes I am. Angeline was worried about him even leaving Rivendell at all, and yet it explained his eagerness to re-accept his professorship,” she agreed.
“I believe he is currently experiencing a similar trip to the one he took about 5 to 6 years ago on Rivendell, whilst Callisto was called to the Alpha/Beta Quadrant to deal with the Hobus incident,” the Gorn explained softly his voice lisping on his c’s and s’s a little.
“Spirit walk, I think Chakotay would call it,” she said with a soft smile.
“Indeed. I can only monitor his vitals and bring him round if this spirit walk threatens his health and life. Otherwise….”
“Otherwise we wait for him to finish the walk,” sighing softly and looking out over to the curtained off area. The big Gorn called her name, drawing her attention back to his worried features and held out a round flat disc.
“He was holding this, when that noise invaded the ship,” he said, waiting for her to take it. Carefully she reached out for it and held it flat in the palm of her hand and stared at it; confused at first then surprised at if the symbol on the disc was looking at her.
“Alyxx, are you alright?” Hoon asked concerned his lisp becoming more pronounced, which surprised her as she knew that he’d mastered his hisses better than the younger Gorn her friend Kleen.
“I could ask you the same question Suiag?!” she queried frowning concerned; hearing him mutter to himself about slipping backwards to his younger days, making her smile for a moment and then come to a conclusion.
“Doctor, I want you to carry out a full medical examination on all those who were upset or have acute hearing – which I know you have. Better get one of your staff to do yourself and especially our Deltans.”
“Acknowledged, Captain,” he agreed sounding all business once more, even if he didn’t really feel it.
“I’ll take this disc and do some research on it. If I’m not mistaken this is Hur’q, a race that colonized this part of space hundreds of years ago.”
“Ever thought it might not be so long ago now,” Hoon commented softly. “You’ll be up next after the Deltans, Captain.” She nodded her acknowledgement of that and left the area, calling sciences and Op’s with a seemingly strange request, as she rode the turbo-lift back to the bridge.
“I want you to confirm the Stardate with our current surroundings.”
=/\= Aye Captain =/\= the voice puzzled.
“Whyte. I want both our Deltans to report to the Doctor immediately. If they don’t answer the com. Physically find them.”
=/\= Acknowledged Captain. =/\= responded the crisp cultured tones of her exec.
The Trill female sighed as she rode the lift wondering why on her very first mission and her first command that it looked like they’d possibly taken a trip back in time, just how far was another matter. “Come home soon, my friend,” she whispered softly as the lift deposited her back onto her bridge. Hand clenched around the disc she stepped out onto a tight tension filled bridge.
“Commander?” she questioned, joining the male in the main command area, he turned to face her, eyes wide in his pale face. “Charles?” puzzled and concerned.
“I…I think, Lt. Marks had better put you in the picture, Ma’am,” he stammered as if still trying to get his head round what they had just discovered about Carenza’s situation.
“Talbot?” her tone quiet, turning to see an equally pale looking human male staring at her.
“The Stardate….or at least the year is 1393.”
“Did you just say ONE 3, 9, 3?” The Chief Science Officer just nodded. “Question now is how or more importantly why?” she said into the ensuing silence. No-one said anything. Taking a deep steadying breath she calmly started to issue orders, starting with the status of the Deltans.
“They were discovered slumped unconscious in their shared quarters. They have since been physically moved to Sickbay, rather than transport,” Whyte informed her glad to deal with something familiar and reasonably positive.
“Op’s you’re to check for any signs of humanoid activity in this area. I get the feeling the lack of expected space noise is due to when we are rather than where.”
“We should still be getting usual telemetry from the surrounding stars and planets,” noted one of the junior staff.
“True, but not what we’d be expecting,” she acknowledged. “Run scans as when we come to a new area of unexplored space. I want to know who and what is currently out there, not what we think should be there.”
Charles Whyte looked more relaxed and started to give the necessary orders as he’d been trained to do, in responding to her request. She smiled at him and left for her Ready Room to look over the Hur’q disc.
Carefully she set it on her desk once she’d sat down and turned it until the design looked right. Suddenly a familiar male voice came over the ship wide com. shouting her name.


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