In for a physical

Cl.02.01 – Reading through the latest digest of the ship’s latest round of reports, Fenna walked out of the turbolift. After enjoying a light to moderate breakfast in the Ursa major lounge, together with her new friend Commander Denaris Brenn, she found that it was time to start her shift. While scanning the headlines of the report on her PADD, she approached the double glass door that separated the corridor on deck 6 from sickbay. As soon as the doors cleared her way into her domain, they closed behind her back. With a subtle move of hear head, Fenna checked her left and right to see whether the main ward on her left and the medical labs on the right were running smoothly and apparently it seemed to be rather quiet. No patients in the main ward. A few steps later, Fenna found herself in the ‘center circle’. In contrast to standard sickbays which were found on most of the Federation starships, the Azura class ships were fitted with a new layout of the medical facilities. Instead of having one central ward, with the other medical facilities not being part of main sickbay, the Callisto had all medical facilities in the same area. The center circle was the heart of the ship’s newly designed medical area, where the acting medical officer on duty had a desk. Three wide corridor radiated outwards from the center circle, one leading to the main ward and the medical labs on each side. The second corridor led to the isolation wards and the surgical theatres and the last corridor separated the morgue and examination rooms. The sections of the new medical bay were separated from one and other with glass walls, increasing transparency and a feeling of centralized overview. Next to the administration desk in the center circle, Fenna also had a separate office which was surrounded with glass walls which she could turn opaque whenever she wanted to. She nodded as spe passed the junior physician who was seated behind the admin desk. Before relieving her from her shift, she entered her own office and checked her messages. Apparently the night had been quiet, seeing as there were none. She headed out again, back to the admin’s desk.

“You are relieved, ensign.” Fenna said with a smile. “Thank you, doctor.” The young Pukari officer said. “It has been a quiet night, ma’am. One case of irritable bowel and one case of a torn ligament due to duty operations. Everything has been properly documented and archived.” the physician reported. With a short nod, she yielded the desk, allowing Fenna to take her place. “Excellent work. I see you later, this evening.” she referred to the fact that she was to report in again at 2300 to take the night shift. The young doctor nodded one more time before she headed off to her quarters to sleep away another long night shift. Fenna headed to her office and fetched her physician’s coat which she swapped for the uniform top that she left behind. She headed back to the administration desk to check this day’s schedule. It was not going to be a hard day. Several of the crew were scheduled to come in for their annual physicals in the morning, while the afternoon was  reserved for several genetic sequencing tests. ‘Just another day at the office’, Fenna smiled, looking forward to the fact that she would have the time to have a long and elaborate lunch with her new found friend, Commander Denaris.

“Nurse,” Fenna requested the head nurse from the main ward to join her. “We’ll be expecting our first physicals in several minutes, please make preparations.” The nurse nodded and headed back to prepare a medical tricorder and several other instruments that were necessary for a standard medical examination. “I am sorry for being on the late side..” A long and slender Suliban male lieutenant walked in. He also headed to one of the offices to change his uniform top for the standard issue’s physician’s coat. “Breakfast rush in the lounge.” He said. “You know, you should get up a little earlier to prevent standing in line.” Fenna joked, hoping that her assistant chief medical officer, lieutenant junior grade Malek would react but he didn’t. “I am in quite on time, none of the patients have arrived yet.” When Malek finished his sentence, the first patient came walking in, right on time at 0700. Lieutenant Jaura We, the Kaaroan chief engineer reported for this check up. “I’ll take this one.” Fenna smiled. Malek nodded while taking a seat behind the admin’s desk. “Lieutenant Jaura, please follow me.” The Kaaroan nodded and his large and bulky tridactyl feet followed the steps of the Betazoid chief medical officer.

Of all the tasks a physician had, performing a physical check up is perhaps one of the least appealing ones that he or she has to carry out. In this particular case, though, Fenna was looking forward to it because it was the first time that she was doing one on a member of the Kaaroan species. Ever since his species joined the Federation in 2389, Jaura We is one of three of his species serving in Starfleet. When they were in the Alpha quadrant for the launch of the Azura class U.S.S. Callisto, she personally contacted the Kaaroan authorities to gain access to their medical database. She even spent a week on Kaaro to receive medical training on anatomy and physiology and as she remembers it, it was one of the more challenging courses she has followed in her career. Though the average Kaaroan adult was not that large, measuring up to about 1 m and 50 centimeters, they compensated their lack of length with anatomical complexity. They were known for their 5 independently operating circulatory systems. Now that they had reached the biobed that the nurse had prepared for the check up, Fenna asked Jaura to take a seat, which he did after Fenna lowered the biobed to a suitable height. As he sat down, the shape of the Kaaroan’s body reminded her of various species seahorses or hippocampi that inhabited the oceans of Earth. A very slender body with a neck that curved forward and down towards a small head with two relatively large compound retina eyes. While seahorses belonged to the class of pisces, Kaaroan were a mix of reptilians, avians and amfibians, unlike anything she has treated so far.

“We will start with a complete scan of your body using the tricorder.” Fenna said before starting her scan. She quickly calibrated the sensor probe before she pointed it towards Jaura. “So, how is your department handling the shake down?” Fenna inquired in an attempt to make the process less strenuous for her fellow senior officer. “We are about to finish the phase I phaser diagnostics. After that we will be preparing for the phase II and III phaser tests. With any luck, we’ll be able to field test the new phalaron cannons.” The very thought put a smile on the engineer’s face. “Sounds very exciting. Finally the ship sees some action,” she smiled, whilst analyzing the medical data that was appearing on her screen. There simply was no course that could prepare any physician on the wonders of the Kaaroan body. A nearly non existent pressure on most of the circulatory systems raised the question how their bodies manage to transport anything at all. “Phalaron?” Fenna asked. Though she had been trained in the basics of ship mounted defense systems, she was pretty sure that none of her classes included anything about phalaron.” Jaura’s very narrow mouth showed signs of smiling. “Relax, doctor. It has nothing to do with thalaron. It’s a particle energy weapon that combines the technology of high yield phasers and the hull punching accuracy. The Callisto has been mounted with two type I experimental phalaron cannons which we are ordered to push through thorough field testing,” Jaura said. “Sounds like you have your work cut out for your department,” Fenna stated as she was just about to finish her initial scan. “We are done here, would you please follow me for a more detailed scan?” The Kaaroan nodded and followed the Betazoid towards a biobed that was suited for advanced diagnostics and medical imaging. She helped the short and stout Kaaroan onto the bed and after he lied down, Fenna allowed an arch shaped arm to move over his body as the device took several sophisticated scans. As soon as the results were projected onto the screen, she did several crosschecks and downloaded the data onto her PADD. “One last step, Lieutenant,” Fenna smiled. “Please follow me to my office.”

When the two officers reached Fenna’s office, she pointed the Chief engineer to his seat before taking a seat herself. “Your scans indicate no medical issues. Your medical history shows no indications so you have a clean bill of health. There is one thing though, ever since your Starfleet entry examinations, there has not been conducted a psychological review and it is my responsibility to make sure such an inquiry takes place at least every five years, so that is kind of overdue. I am ordering you to make an appointment with one of the station’s counsellors as soon as we are back on Rivendell.” Fenna knew that Captain Aelyn had some objections to having a counsellor on the ship itself but considering the circumstances they were operating in, she made a mental note that it might be a good idea to assign one on the Callisto any way. Jaura nodded “That is fine, doctor. Am I excused, I still have important diagnostics to carry out before we can do the phaser tests later today.” She chuckled and nodded. “That’s all. I will round up the paper work asap.” Jaura nodded and left the medical bay. After signing off the medical report she had completed in less than five minutes, Fenna headed out of her office and walked back to the admin’s desk where doctor Malek was seated. “Anything interesting?” she asked him, referring to the medical check up he carried out on one of the new enlisted crew members of the Callisto. “No, only a minor case of glaucoma but with a quick fix, that will not be a problem any longer,” Malek smiled. Fenna nodded as she programmed the replicator behind the admin’s desk to get her some Tarkalian tea. “So what’s next?” Fenna took a seat next to Malek. “Petty officer K’obran will be coming in for a pregnancy check.” Malek said, after accessing the medical schedule. Fenna nodded. “You can take that case, I have done her check ups last week. Be sure to check all 35 of her embryos,” Fenna smiled.

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