Good to see you again!

Cl.01.15 – Captain’s log, star date 70693.1 – It appears that the visit to the Library was a solid move. Especially the Starfleet detail of the delegation seemed to be quite impressed with what the Chozo have to offer. Yesterday I had quite an interesting encounter with Starfleet’s chief of staff. I still don’t know what his visit was all about me but he seemed to be particularly interested in me and that is something that can be advantageous to our cause. Especially since he does not seem to have a liking for Admiral West. At this point, the delegation is preparing for a visit to the GYor war memorial in the Bentar system. I can imagine that that particular visit will also benefit our cause greatly.

“Captain Aelyn, please report to the bridge.” The sound of the first officer’s voice was something Calyssa still had to grow accustomed to. Where she come to expect the sweet voice of Commander Darkka, now was the deep and lower voice of Commander Kobrrei. She laid down the PADD she was working on and exited her ready room, gaining access to the bridge in the far left corner.

“Report.” She said softly, nodding at a few junior officers who were performing some routine scans on various auxiliary stations. “We are approaching the Bentar system now, ma’am.” The assistant chief helm officer reported. Calyssa took a seat on the Captain’s chair, which she found incredibly comfortably. Finally a chair that was cut out to fit a female body. She reckoned that Commander Kobrrei who was frequently seated in her chair might have quite a different opinion on the matter. She tilted her head upwards, facing the helm officer. “Take us out of war, proceed to Bentar prime at full impulse.” She ordered and the helm nodded before programming her instructions into the computer. Though the Azura class U.S.S. Callisto was a state-of-the art vessel, it still required a lengthy shakedown and the fact that the inertial dampeners still reacted rather slow to the deceleration procedure from light-to-sub-light was a testament to that. For a short moment, Calyssa could feel her stomach being thrown against her abdomen wall, a most unpleasant feeling. “Any signs of the Skreiin?” She logged in on her side console, using it to make a quick long range scan. Calyssa was referring to Captain Axxin of the Zaanth Enforcement Agency and his ship which was called the Skreiin. “Negative.” Lieutenant C’riss reported. She logged out and approached the Captain. “With your permission, ma’am, I would like to beam down to the surface to start securing the site for the ceremony.” Calyssa nodded. “Be sure to take the President’s chief of security with you, that should speed up things considerably. The Felinoid female nodded and took the nearest turbolift to the transporter room.

The Callisto had been in standard orbit around Bentar I for nearly 1 hour, when Lieutenant T’sani reported that she had the Skreiin’s transponder code on long range scans. “They should be here within ten minutes, ma’am.” Calyssa smiled as she looked forward to be able to see Captain Axxin for the first time in at least a couple months. She turned her chair a bit to her left so she faced her first officer. “Have C’riss expediting her preparations. I’d like to carry on with our schedule.” Calyssa said. Li nodded and headed to the tactical console to send a message to the surface of Bentar. Several minutes later the Zaanth Assault Cruiser Skreiin jumped out of warp and entered the system. The large ray shaped vessel covered by external black piping, much like a borg cube slowly came to a halt as it approached the planet’s atmosphere. The large engines on the aft side of the Skreiin slowly came to life as it maneuvered itself into a standard orbit besides the Callisto.

“Captain, we are being hailed.” T’Sani reported. Calyssa nodded and swiveled her chair around to face the holopad which was half way between the Captain’s chair and the CONN station. The holo pad sprung alive and a holographic representation of Captain Axxin appeared. He looked exactly as Calyssa remembered. About 1 meters 85 high, a well trained upper torso, broad shoulders. His face, though not quite human, resembled that of a man of oriental Asian origin. His waving black hair was neatly combed to the side, elegantly covering a cranial ridge that went all the way up from his nose to the top of his head. His deep green eyes were treacherously deep and it would not be the first time if Calyssa lost herself in them. The padded raven-black uniform that Axxin was wearing made him even more fatally attractive. “Good to see you again, Captain.” A faint smile appeared on Axxin’s face. He had to work hard to cover up this thrilled state of mind to see Calyssa again. “Likewise.” Calyssa said. “We are all ready here, Calyssa.” “Give us some time to finish preparations, Axxin. We’ll see you down on the surface.” She said. Axxin nodded his head before vanishing into thin air.

Commander Faulkner walked onto the bridge right after Axxin closed the channel between the two ships. “The delegation is ready, they are making their way to the transporter. Our security teams on the surface will take precautionary scans of Captain Axxin and his team.” Calyssa nodded and got of his chair. Before she headed to her quarters to slip into her dress uniform, she tapped a button to open a ship wide channel. “Senior staff, report to transporter room 2, in dress uniform.”

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