New Orders

Cr:01.04 – Charles Izaak Whyte could be described as your average trained Starfleet Officer, tall at 186cm with a slim physique, slightly longer than regulation trimmed dark brown hair going grey, dark hazel eyes looking out of a fine chiseled face. It was his voice that sometimes threw people when he spoke, for it was a cultured English sound, rather than the brash guttural tones of Northern America, where he’d spent most of his growing up.
He had been called to Admiral Necheyev’s office in the main Admiralty building where he was to receive his new orders. Charles just stared at the words on the PADD which the aide had given him.
‘This couldn’t be right!’ he thought. ‘There’s been some mistake!’ still not quite taking in what the words were telling him.
“Lieutenant Commander Whyte; the Admiral is waiting to see you,” the aide informed him.
“Yes, yes, of course,” his tone flustered as he smartly entered Fleet Admiral Necheyev’s office and stood to attention before her desk, the PADD with his new assignment forgotten in his hand.
“At ease, Commander,” she smiled quietly, noting the paleness of his face and yet not surprised by it, seeing the PADD dangling casually from his hand. “Commander, I know you will do your duty in The Reach,” she stated and stepped forward to remove the hollow pip and replace it with the solid gold one, making three gold pips instead of two. “Congratulations, Cmdr. Whyte,” she said, shaking the dazed man’s hand.
“Thank you, Admiral,” his tone still unsure and shocked.
“My aide will provide all the necessary details of how to reach Rivendell Station, Commander. Dismissed.”
“Aye, Admiral,” he acknowledged; turned smartly and left, already feeling the weight of the extra gold pip on his collar. Charles sighed shakily as he returned to the outer office and glanced again at the PADD and the words written there:

Orders effective immediately.
Whyte: Charles Izaak assigned as XO to USS Carenza under the command of Captain A. Darkka.
Field of operations – The Reach in the Gamma Quadrant based at Rivendell Station.
Commanding Officer – Rear Admiral D. West head of the Chozo Expedition.
Promotion from Lt. Cmdr. to Commander effective immediately.
Signed by Fleet Admiral A Necheyev.

He was still having a job to get his head around the fact that he’d been chosen over his fellow Lt. Cmdr. Anderson, who appeared to have all the right qualifications required for the position as XO on a Science explorer vessel in the further reaches of Federation space. He sighed again, puzzled.
“Problem, Commander?”
“I’m not sure,” he paused to gather his resolve. “How do I get to Rivendell Station?” he asked determinedly.


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