Second Skins

Cr:01.03 – Alyxx greeted the Rivendell Hospital Director with the proper decorum as the alien male with them would expect of two high ranking officers; but then the two women suddenly grinned at each other and embraced with wild abandon, confusing Gar’tan.
“Good to have you back, Alyxx,” Dr. West said.
“Good to be back, Angeline,” hugging the Betazoid woman again. “Now then I have a little problem for you to sort out, please,” indicating the Cardassian male with her.
“You’re of mixed heritage,” she said having been looking at him intently for a second or two and startling the man.
“Doctor Angeline West-Nayru is a full Betazoid,” Darkka revealed. “Normally only a deep medical scan would be able to tell you of his dual makeup,” she added by way of an explanation. The black haired woman smiled reassuringly and called a nurse to get the alien male prepped for possible extensive surgery. The two women watched silently as he followed the nurse until he was out of sight; it was only then that the Hospital Director spoke again:
“You’re worried about him, aren’t you, Alyxx,” she commented gently.
“Yes I am,” knowing there was no-way she could hide or disguise her concern from this acute female, still looking in the direction of the male’s departure. “There is every reason to believe that the alterations to make him more Cardassian go deeper than just a second skin, Angeline,” finally turning to look at her friend. “I have managed to acquire the necessary drugs and compound formulas that should assist you in returning Gar’tan to his proper dual heritage, but….” she trailed.
“We can only do our best, Alyxx.”
“You’ll call me should anything go wrong?”
“Naturally,” Dr. West assured.
=/\= Op’s to Darkka =/\=
“Darkka here,” she acknowledged.
=/\= The Admiral is requesting an immediate audience with the Commanding Officer of the USS Carenza, Ma’am =/\=
The way the message was relayed had both women grinning as it was typical of the male who’d made it, rather than who’d spoken it.
“Acknowledged, Op’s. I’ll be right there. Darkka out.”
“He doesn’t know it’s you; does he?!” The Trill female declined to answer the Doctor’s observational statement, but just grinned. They hugged again before she left this West’s office and made her way to the command/operations area of the station for the other West’s office.


Admiral West’s Office:

She entered the functional station commander’s office, to see the man in question standing rigidly with his back to her looking out over the station to the main docking port where the Carenza was attached to the alien station. The set of the man’s broad shoulders as he clasped his hands behind him told the Trill female that he was not best pleased. His voice and words only confirmed that thought.
“It is standard and proper protocol for a newly assigned Captain to report directly to their new commanding officer as soon as they arrive at their new field of operations; not to go gallivanting off in all directions and keeping said commanding officer waiting – Captain,” grinding out the rank.
“Nice to see you too, Daniel!” she commented lightly a smile playing about her lips. The male at the view-ports spun round startled by her words, as well as recognizing the voice, one he’d not expected to hear again, judging from the look on his face. “Besides you were in an impromptu and important meeting with a certain Gul – who will remain nameless at this point,” she paused noting the surprise slowly giving way on Daniel West’s expressive face. “So therefore you were not readily available to receive this said ‘Captain’ when she arrived.” The man’s growing grin didn’t halt her words; he noted the extra pip on her uniform. “I saw no point therefore of waiting idly in your outer office when I could be at ships business, Sir!”
“You haven’t changed much!” his voice stern, whilst his mouth twitched into a broad smile.
“I try to be consistent,” trying her best to keep within proper protocol when dealing with an Admiral.
“What am I to do with you?!” he questioned softly taking a small step towards her, as if unsure whether to close the gap currently between them or not.
“Oh! I’m sure you’ll come up with something, Admiral!” she quipped.
“Protocol be damned!” he muttered and strode over and enveloped her into a bear hug.
“See; I knew you’d think of something,” her green eyes bright and wet, as he held her at arms length to take her in. “It’s good to be home,” her voice wavering a little, thus he gathered her to his chest again giving her time to rein in her tumbling and strong emotions.
“Coffee?!” he suggested once they’d parted, making for the replicator whilst she composed herself.
“That would be good, thank you. The usual please,” moving to the view-ports to stare out over her new command. A warm, strong, gentle male presence joined her, one she hadn’t forgotten in all the years she’d been with the Callisto current CO Calyssa Aelyn – and one she sometimes missed; he handed her a mug of steaming black brew.
“Nifty little ship,” he commented quietly.
“When I first saw her, she reminded me of the bow of the Intrepid class with the back end of the Maquis Ju’Day class plus a bar and nacelles holding it all together,” taking a cautious sip of her coffee.
“That would be one way to describe her, I suppose,” he agreed reluctantly.
“Cmdr. M. Rademaker did not take kindly to my description whilst he oversaw the outfitting of her or my choice of name either.”
“Car’en’za is an unusual name,” he said re-testing the name over his tongue.
“Care’za, sounds like you’re using the name Teresa pronounced tera’ze,” she corrected with a soft smile. Daniel West had been watching her profile as they talked and sipped their coffee; there was something in this woman’s voice and manner that troubled him.
“Alyxx?” he questioned in a soft tone, that asked a lot without actually voicing it. She sighed deeply and turned to face him her green eyes revealing some answers, but before she could give them a voice, his private com-panel lit up. Puzzled and concerned he went to his desk and opened the channel, knowing it would be his wife.
“Sweetheart?” his tone bringing Alyxx to his side.
“I’ll be right there, Angeline,” her voice firm having taken in the worried expression on the female Doctor’s harried face, putting her coffee mug down on the desk.
=/\= I’ll fill you in later, Daniel =/\= the Betazoid said as he watched the Trill woman stride determinedly from his office; feeling both concerned and miffed that she’d not asked for his permission to leave.
“Dismissed!” he muttered and closed the comm. The door having long since closed behind the retreating female’s back.


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