An unexpected encounter

Cl.01.07 – While seated on her command chair, in the center position of the bridge of her ship, Calyssa closely monitored the arrival process of the Callisto that had passed Pluto’s orbit several minutes ago. As instructed by ‘Sol Arrival Control’, the helm was instructed to continue along a certain vector until they reached Jupiter, after which they had to cut back their engines to one third impulse power. Commander Faulckner was at the helm and she worked in unison with Lieutenant T’sani as they made their approach to the third rock from the sun.

“Callisto, Sol Control, you have permission to dock at McKinley Station, proceed on vector 234-01 after passing Mars orbit.” Another direction from Sol Control just came in as Calyssa views the message blinking on her screen. It took the crew and ship several minutes before they arrived in a high orbit around Earth. As they approached McKinley station at thruster power only, Calyssa noticed on the viewscreen how the station changed its configuration to allow the relatively new and rare shape of the ship to fit into the station’s bay.

“Callisto, you are ready to proceed.” came the approval from station control. Commander Kobrrei got up from his chair. “Prepare docking umbilicals, close the intake valves. Take us in, half thrusters.” Commander Faulckner nodded in reply, taking the ship in. Several minutes later, the ship was successfully docked to the station and Calyssa headed to the transporter room after leaving the ship in command of her first officer.

She instructed the acting transporter chief to beam her to the transporter safe spot on the far end of Place de la Concorde in Paris. After the Dominion War and the threat of changelings infiltrating the high positions within the Federation, transporter safe spots were assigned, forcing everyone using a transporter to use those instead of randomly beaming in. After verifying┬áher identity she was allowed to enter the office of the President where she had a meeting with the President’s Chief of Staff to go over some of the details of the visit. The modern building that was erected on the site of one of Paris most renowned squares seemed to be a little out of place. All the other palaces surrounding the square were constructed in the 17th century. After clearing another two checkpoints, Calyssa finally made her way to the tenth floor where the CoS had his office. She presented herself to the secretary who told her to take a seat and the CoS would be with her in a matter of minutes. The theory she had about how higher the rank of officials, the longer they keep you waiting seemed to be confirmed once again. After 20 minutes the CoS came out of tho large wooden doors that he opened manually. A quite old looking Kobliad male came out and greeted her. “Welcome to the office of the President, Captain Aelyn. I am Jore Kalarik, Chief of Staff to the President. May invite you to enter?” He said and she followed the official into his office. He offered her a seat on of the luxurious seats that were placed right in front of his desk.

“Let’s get right to it, Captain, A committee of four members of the President’s Cabinet have shown their interest in getting a glimpse of what it is you Starfleet Officers are up to on the other side of the Chozo jump gate network. They have cleared up their schedules for the next coming two weeks.” Calyssa shifted her weight to the front part of the chair. “Your excellence, if I may say, it will take us nearly two weeks to get to Rivendell Station. There won’t be any time left to visit the Reach.” Kalarik smiled. “Additionally, several key members of Starfleet Command have agreed to join you on your trip to the Reach. I am sure that it can be arranged to travel at very high warp speed to save time.” Calyssa sighed. She already disliked the idea of having the highest ranked officials of both the Federation and Starfleet looking down on her as she ran her ship. “At this time, I would like to discuss security protocols with you before anything else.” Calyssa nodded and listened to what the CoS had to say about the security measures that had to be arranged and there were quite a few. She seriously doubted whether she had enough security personnel aboard her ship to deal with these demands. “No worries, Captain, I will make sure that proper security attachments will report to the Callisto within the hour.”

Suddenly the doors opened and someone entered the officer. When Kalarik noticed who had come on, he immediately got up. Calyssa followed his example before looking around to see who it was. A tall Saurian officer in a dark grey suit was standing just behind her. He were the UFP insignia on his collar. “Mister President. What can I do for you?” Kalarik asked. The President smiled and shook Calyssa’s hand. “Good day, Captain Aelyn. Welcome to my office. I am Aennik Okeg, President of the United Federation of Planets…”

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