Getting things sorted

Cl.01.06 – “According to the scans we took, the lateral sensor array seems to be performing at 94% efficiency.” Lieutenant T’sani, the Vulcan Operations officer handed a PADD to Commander Kobrrei. He sighed. “That’s not good enough.” He said. “That needs to be at least 97% before we tick that box, Lieutenant.” The Vulcan nodded. “Agreed, Commander. The Efrosian first officer scanned the results from the scan and handed it to the Captain who was walking just behind them. Now that the Callisto was on her way to Earth, the senior crew had some time continue the shakedown schedule, which tonight included testing the starboard lateral sensor array. Several officers and crew of the engineering and operations department were present at the site, while Lieutenant T’sani, Commander Kobrrei and Captain Aelyn were supervising the test. The first active test had just been completed but not completely to the satisfaction of the first officer and Calyssa came to the same conclusion. It was reassuring to see that the Commander was setting the bar at a high level for the crew. “I suggest we take a short brake, get unwinded for a little while and then we do a second active test.” Calyssa suggested. They had been at it for almost three hours now and she felt that they could use a break. “As you wish, Captain.” T’sani replied, making a slight bow out of respect to her superior officer. “Good, let’s take 30 minutes and we reconvene at 2130 hrs.” Kobrrei concluded and with that said, the group dispersed to find a way to spend the next 30 minutes.

Calyssa decided that a visit to the lounge was not such a bad idea. It was only two decks above her so she had ample time get there, enjoy a good cup of coffee and get back. Taking the nearest turbolift, she looked forward to seeing the lounge in its final stage. They left San Francisco fleetyards while the lounge was far from finished. Since Calyssa did not find it a reason to delay launch, she decided to have it finished after launch. The large, two bladed milk-glass doors opened when she arrived. Slowly walking inside, she noticed that though the lounge was further along the route of being completed, it still needed a lot of work. Lighting was not properly installed yet, several of the bulkheads had not been closed up and in the far right corner, the chairs and tables had not been put in position yet. Thankfully the bar area looked a lot better before she left for shore leave. She approached the white bar and noticed that Nhorr was working hard to get things sorted behind his bar.

“Captain!” He said before giving Calyssa his famous grin, showing all his incisor teeth. The blue-grey furred Caitian bartender and lounge manager was all too happy when Calyssa asked him to join them on the new Callisto. He had been a member of the crew all the way back to 2386. “What can I get you? Ktarian blend as usual?” His yellow eyes gazed right at her. “I think I will stick with Danjora tea this time. I should cut back my caffeine intake a little.” The Caitian chuckled and started working on her order. “Before you give me the lecture, Captain, I am already aware that finishing the lounge should be a priority now that we getting higher ups snooping around.” Calyssa smiled. Nhorr always had been able to accurately read her mind. That was perhaps one of the bigger reasons why she wanted him to move along with her to the new ship. “You know me all too well, Nhorr.” She smiled, taking the glass mug of tea out of his clawed hands. “I needs this lounge ready before we arrive at Earth so that gives you another 68 hours or so.” Nhorr nodded a couple of times. “That should not be much of a problem.” he responded. “Good, how about the smaller lounge on the VIP deck?” Calyssa asked. “That one is all ready, Captain.” Nhorr smiled. “If you want, you can inspect it first thing in the morning.” “I’ll add it to my schedule.” She said, putting the mug to her lips. “Have you thought about the name of the lounge yet, Captain?” “Not really, it seems that I am not really inspired.” She moaned, seating herself on one of the barstools. “I have been thinking, Captain. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to organize a name-contest? Whoever gets us the best name, gets additional holodeck privileges and an plackard right next to the bar?” “You know, that is a great idea. Make it happen.” She smiled. “Very well, Captain.” “I am heading off now, I still have a couple of chores to do before I sign off for today.” Calyssa smiled at the bartender and took the mug with her as she left the lounge.

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